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Show group colour styles in topic and post view

Guest Kyanar

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I would like the board, topic, and thread views to show usernames with any style attached to them (currently, is "Online List Format"). It would also be good if per-user styles could be applied (allowable by administrator) with the group-wide styles as a default should a personal style not be assigned.

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Yup replies in this regard will be highly appreciated...

Here is a little more in detail:

When we colour the members in ACP, the changes are only reflected in the active users list at the bottom of the forum:


While in the posts, the colour thingy doesn't work :(


In the image above, the member name 'HP' is supposed to be displayed in BLUE colour.

I also have the SB latest version for IPB 1.3 (5.7.4) installed, in that too, it doesn't work :(


In the above post 'pranav' should've been shown in blue while 'Kalpesh' in red!!

So if anybody can help out in this, it will be highly appreciated.

Regards. GC
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