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Custom Rank Image for a User (Global)

Guest Frigidman

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This is actually a very simple feature... However, "Since it requires some inner coding changes, it is not something I want to alter myself, as upgrading IPB in the future would become a nasty hassle."

In the "Edit Member's Profile" area (in Admin CP), under "Other Information", the addition of "Custom Rank Image" would be great.

Currently, for every user GROUP, you can set a custom image that everyone in that group uses. However, this feature request is to allow specific user rank image changing. Something that has nothing to do with the number of posts, or the group they are in.

This idea came about because of our main admins and moderators, each one could get their own 'special ranking image'. Not the same one for all admins, or the same one for all moderators. They like their own personalized ranking. Yeah, sure, some of you could say "then let them set an avatar". That really isnt the point... ANYONE (with privs) can set whatever looking avatar they want... but not everyone can have special flashy looking ranking images as well.

Its a prestigue sort of thing.

Anyhow, I thought I would throw the idea out.

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Not a bad idea. However, I also want the current system modified to the way vBulletin handles it. Wherein, each user group can have their own unique PIPs. The way it is now, only the default "Members" group can have graduated PIPs. All the other groups must have a single image. The way vB handles it, is that for every user group, you can specify a static image, and/or graduated PIPs.

I think coupled with the topic creator's idea, these two features could make IPB incredibly member friendly.

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What I'm thinking, for simplicity, is that a custom field could be used. It would load the default image name, then check that field. If it's set to something, it uses that instead. Heck, I might look into it myself. :lol:

So long as it's one source that generates the filename to use for the image, I might be able to actually pull it off. (w00t) otherwise gonna have to wait for someone with some brains to take a whack at it.

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I know this is basically resurrecting a dead topic, but I had forgotten to respond.

I created a sort of 'plugin' that does just this. Its a simple two line of code change in two official files, so that when a new IPB update comes out, its fairly simple for me to add the mod again. Which I have over the past year since I requested this feature.

My mod is, whenever you put in "-1" as the minimum number of posts, it will use the PIP image field as what to show for any user who has a custom Title set to what the Title is for that ranking entry. Sounds a little complicated, but it's not.

For instance, my custom rank title is "Ordinary Idiot". And in the 'Manage Ranks' area, there is an entry of "Ordinary Idiot" "-1" "5stargeneral.gif". This then makes my member profile and posts show that image for the Pip image on the site.

The module: ~/modules/pipfixer.php

/*  ------------------------
    by Frigidman
    Created: Jan 4th 2005
    Updated: Aug 10th 2006
    Works with:
    This fixes the ranking pips for titles on the forums.
    Instead of showing a custom title with the standard pips based 
    off the user's posts, this will use the pip image for a ranking based 
    off the custom title a user has. If the user has no custom title, or 
    if the user has a title that is NOT in the ranking manager, then 
    no special pip image will be used and it will use the standard pips.

    Files this code is inserted into:
        ./forum/sources/action_public/profile.php line #562
        ./forum/sources/action_public/topics.php line #1050
    This is the code pasted in:
//-----BEGIN MODULE INSERT-------------------------
@include(ROOT_PATH.'modules/pipfixer.php');  //
//-----END MODULE INSERT---------------------------

    Also changed:
    ./forum/sources/action_public/profile.php line #551,#552
            if ($member['posts'] >= $v['POSTS'])
            if ($member['posts'] >= $v['POSTS'] and $v['POSTS'] >= '0')
    ./forum/sources/action_public/topics.php line #1038
            if ($member['posts'] >= $v['POSTS'])
            if ($member['posts'] >= $v['POSTS'] and $v['POSTS'] >= '0')

// if they have a custom title
if ($member['title']) {
    // loop through the ranks
    foreach($this->ipsclass->cache['ranks'] as $k => $v)
        // if their title matches one in the ranking manager
        if ($member['title'] == $this->ipsclass->cache['ranks'][ $k ]['TITLE'])
            // assign their pips to what is set (number or custom image)
            $pips = $v['PIPS'];

Now, you may say "what prevents a user from changing their title to one of an admin's or special user? Well, swift punishment with a Big Stick

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