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Here's a suggestion, make the Admin features...

Guest dlindner

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I want to do some extremely simple tasks. I've used Ikonboard and Vbulletin and the admin features are extremely easy to navigate and understand. My suggestion is to alter your admin control panel to make it much easier to understand.

Unfortunately, I have no opportunity to change basic features like font colors, assign moderators, and remove features because your doc's section is far too general and doesn't explain anything.

Even worse is that I'm left dealing with people with their hands out wanting to be paid $200 for the answers to simple questions because they know you cannot find it on your own since they wrote the useless doc's section.

It's a shame that I pay monthly fee's to Invision to host my forums which includes the use of their InvisionPowerBoard, but since the technical help people don't receive money they would rather ridicule you rather than help you.

Another suggestion for InvisionBoards... ...FIND NEW STAFF!

Here is a helpful link for you http://www.monster.com


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I dont understand what your problem is with the Staff Here. The Staff i have Encounted are Extremly Competent and Dedicated. If you are Acctually an Invision Power Services Customer, i Suggest Submitting a Suport Ticket, and a IPS Support Representative will Assist you.

Also, The people with Red Pips, are not Staff, they are Customers. Customers help you Volentarily, Staff are Required to Provide Support Via the Client Center only.

It took me Less than 2 Minutes to find the Knowledge you Seek for Assigning Moderators in less than a Minute.


Also, IPB is an Easy peice of Software to use. As for changing font Colors, this is a Skin Setting.

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If you are hosting your board at Invision you should be able to access your client center and enter your forum account number in. Then you can access the customer forums and recieve help there. You can also submit a support ticket. :thumbsup:

(And just a hint, to assign moderators, look for the Admin panel titled "Moderators" :-" )

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