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Feature Suggestions!

Guest Antony

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How about adding the Ability to lock a Individual Members Profile, to prevent them editing things once you edit them. You should be able to lock the whole Profile. Also, you should be able to Choose if your Global Moderators and Moderators can lock/Unlock Profiles. Also, a list of locked profiles with the option to unlock would be helpfull.

Also, how about a Super Moderators Permissions Panel. I would rather My Moderators couldnt view IP Addresses. I know you can choose if they can ban or warn, but a few more indepth Permissions would be good. (Such as Annoucements, see my other Feature Suggestions Thread on this..)

Finally, i would like to see Moderator Permissions that allowed moderators to edit Forum Descriptions, and change Some Properties such as Active/Read only :thumbsup:

What does Everyone else think?

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