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Number of Topics to Show

Guest Katixa

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Not a showstopping bug at all, but is something that maybe should be fixed.

There is an option in the administrator that allows you to configure the numbers that will display in the dropdown menu that is used to configure the number of topics to show in a forum, like "5, 15, 25, 40".

Well, if you type "5, 15, 25, 40, 900", for example, and an user selects 900 in his control panel, instead of "board default", then if you later again remove the "900" entry, the user is still browsing the boards loading 900 records.

Maybe when modifying this and deleting a number used by someone, this users should be (automatically) forced to use the new max value, in case they had an higher number, instead of keeping the old setting.

Or am I wrong and there is already an option that resyncs all this? :ermm:

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