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forum and topic naming

Guest scylla

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this is a feature that i actually like about proboards and would like to see new invision boards inherit this feature for more friendlier spider & bot visits (and better search results).

Basically, a proboard will call the board name, it wont call it something like "f=224"
heres a board from my old proboard..


It doesn't name the topics the same way though.. However, i'd still like to see these features in the next invision board line ups. That would definitely give a huge edge over vbulletin forums.

Hell, either make it a feature or a hack for those of us who want it.

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1. The forums should be few enough for that to not matter, besides, you either know the URL to the forum, or you don't, so be it a number or a name, it's the same.
2. There's no possible way you could get that to work for topics. Even assuming the first point doesn't apply, how would similarly named topics be handelled? A user defined input? If so, I wouldn't want to try to come up with an unused identifier.
3. In the end, it all comes out the same, if you know what you're doing. The topics/forums will either be arbitrarily, or overly-longly named.

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