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Custom Profile Field suggestion

Guest Oncle Tom

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In the Topic View Format? option we can add content which will be displayed in a topic.
But at least, it can't use templates variables such as {ipb.script_url} etc. In the topic view, variables are raw, they are displayed as is, not replaced by their value.

It would be very handy to use templates variables (in order to make a link to a special part of they profile, for example to notice their collection of games etc).

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Yep i mean, if you write this in the field Topic View Format :

{title} : {ipb.script_url}showprofile={$author['id']}#{key}

It will be displayed in a post as

[i]value of {title}[/i] : {ipb.script_url}showprofile={$author['id']}#[i]value of {key}[/i]

not as

[i]value of {title}[/i] : [i]value of {ipb.script_url}[/i]showprofile=[i]value of {$author['id']}[/i]#[i]value of {key}[/i]

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I don't understand your answer. Maybe you mean it is stupid to link twice the profile page ?

It's not useless : if you don't have the place to display informations in the topic view column, how somebody can guess where is this precise information ? However, with an anchor you aims directly the area of the page you want to show. Not all users and guests are as familiar with bulletin boards so i don't see why another link should be useless ... and it's only and example, it could have been something else i would have linked.

PS : and if you have read correctly the {template.var} is not replace at all ...

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Sorry, you confused me a little.
This is a great idea in that case.

Except, there was a topic like this, and it was thought to be a security issue of downloading malicious skins.
So, with this added, there will be an extra element of caution needed in using downloaded skins.

Maybe there should be an option to turn this on.
I, personally, like it and would download trusted skins only.

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