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Resend Validation Email

Guest robirming

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This is something I've requested in the past, and I still think it would be a very good thing to have in IPB.
There is now a mod for this which is done in a way that I think would fit pefectly into the IPB standard.
All it does is adding a 'Resend Validation Email to theses Accounts' option in the dropdown list in ACP - Manage Validating.


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I've been using this mod for a while now and I've seen some great improvment when it comes to missing registration emails.
I have set my board up to remove incomplete registrations after 7 days. I usually resend the validation email after 4 days. 30-40 percent of the resent emails leads to registrations.

I hope this can be added as a feature in IPB. It's a great thing to have! :)

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