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Members choose the structure of board

Guest ratbag

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Firstly, I am obviously aware of that members can choose to view 'unseen' boards by subscription and as Admin I can create member groups that see certain boards and not others etc.

I just want to float an idea and see what develops....

A new member registers and sees the structure of the board like this:

Category: Sport
---Forum 1 Football
---Forum 2 Rugby
---Forum 3 Cricket

Category: Entertainment
---Forum 1 TV
---Forum 2 Radio
---Forum 3 Video Games

The member decides that he doesnt like the idea of all these different forums and instead prefers to have all sport in one Forum and the TV and Radio Forums he wants to see as one Forum.

so he sees the board as

Category: Sport
---Forum 1 Sport

Category: Entertainment
---Forum 1 TV & Radio
---Forum 2 Video Games

The benefit of this would be that those members who prefer a 'split out' board can leave things 'as is' and those who would prefer a 'customized' view would be happy too.

I can see the problems this would cause to the programmer (reading posting and viewing functions .. possibly more) but is it achievable and are the benefits worth it?

Can anyone expand on this idea?

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