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Creating multiple forums/sub-forums at once

Guest Dr. Bongoots

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I posted this yesterday in the IPB Support forum.. but it deserves a better home in here.

Any thoughts on being able to create multiple forums at once?

I need to create a heap of forums that are all the same and the name of each forum is the only thing that changes. Why should I have to create every single one of them laboriously by hand, when there should be an option to create more than one at a time, e.g. using a textarea where each new line is the name of a forum.

I'd like to just set the parent category/forum, list all the names and then set permissions. Voila! - I'd have like 30 odd forums created at once. In some cases I need to do 50 forums at once and it can be a real pain.

Matt, have you got any comments on this?

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