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IPB v2.1.0 Feature Suggestions

Guest .John

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I have been thinking of some new features that could be included in Invision Power Board version 2.1.0. Here are some features that came up with.

1. Skin Set Catagories

This feature would allow different catagories of skins to show in the Skin Selector. For example, I could have a catagory for "Light" skins and "Dark" skins and all skins that fit in the catagory would be included. This feature would help boards will a large amaount of skins.

2. PM Read Notification

This feature would allow a user who has sent a PM can be notified if the user who recieved the PM has read it.

3. Link Directory

This feature would display a few links under that copyright.

4. Post Marker Legend

This feature would allow the administrator the option of being able to show a post marker legend under the "Board Stactistics" bit of the Board Stats.

Those are some of my feature suggestions. Post any comments on these suggestions.

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Aren't 4 and 6 from other board systems?
I like 4, and like the modification for it too.

To add to 4, some places (like my board) have a User Color legend.
IE, the Customers would be red, and management purple, like this

Management | Customer | Members

And they are bolded just like the admin sets :wub:

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Ok...when you download IPB. There are folders. One says upload, one says Documentation, and the last one says Tools_and_Scripts. Open Tools_and_Scripts. Inside you will see the ssi.php file and a folder called ssi_templates. Open ssi.php in Dreamweaver or whatever editing app you use. Configure it to match your hosting and current details. It has instructions in the file. Then after it has been configured, upload the ssi.php file to your root forum directory. Also upload the entire ssi_templates folder to the root directory (ex: /root/ssi_templates/). Now just go to a URL (which you can find in the ssi.php file) and it will display the selected topics, member stats, posts, ect.

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