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Global Warning and Profile Editing

Guest eyedam

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Currently only admins (and super-moderators) have ability to warn members from their profile pages and edit their profiles. I suggest these to be added as optional privileges for any moderator.

In addition, there was a profile editing privilege in version 1.3. Why did you have to remove it?!

And the warning ability only from the forums the member is moderating is a good, logical feature, and it had to be like that from the very beginning. However, I suggest you create an additional optional privilege to allow to warn members from any forum (even from those where the particular member is not a moderator of) and the member's profile page.

Also, if I'm not mistaken, only admin (or super-moderator) can manage the announcements. It would be better as yet another (optional) any moderator privilege.


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I personally do not see the need for moderators to add announcements and/or be able to edit users' profiles. Many times you will have users that you setup to moderate a single forum because the specialize in it or something of that nature and you do not want them involved with member conduct. However, as an option there are times when I could see benefits to this and thus I think it would be a good option to have. :thumbsup:

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Thanks for considering it a good option! :)

In my case, our members can be quite troublesome at times, and set (intentionally or not) some things as avatars or signatures our rules forbid. And it's good if any mod can then edit those improper fragments out (and replace them with the rules, for example ^_^).

Also about the warning

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