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Guest sboulema

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In 1.3.1 the PM's in a HTML archive where sorted chronologically and it was reall easy to follow a conversation in the archive.

Now in 2.0.0 and higher the HTML archive is different. It now sorts the PM's per folder and its really difficult to follow a conversation.

And the css of the HTML archive was missing some parts, for the quote parts and other stuff. This was in 2.0.1 and i fixed it myself, dont know if its still in 2.0.2

But i hope the sort order can be changed back to the way it was in 1.3.1

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Some more small bugs:

- new archive uses always Sent by: field e.g. Sent by <name> - and I "don't know" to who it was sent... 1.3 had used Sent by:... (to you) and Sent to:... (by you)
- most if not all bbcode's are not parsed/parsed properly to html
- in 1.3 there were icons for out/in pm's (before title)

A better archive option would be much desirable :D

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