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Ok it's cool to have a task manager that runs internally and all, and even that there are some predesigned tasks, however perhaps the ability to have the ability to integrate task modules.

Here's what I mean. Let's say that there is a single module for all of the default IPB tasks. When setting up a scheduled even, if the module being used has been designed to be integrated, then a setup menu would be shown where the different tasks (that it supports) can be turned on/off, as well as any additional settings or options for each task it supports. This would be useful for cutting down on clutter and also for allowing admins that have slow boards to set up for more tasks to be run each execution or for busy boards to trim down on what happens.

Or perhaps integration via folders, where if a task file points to a subfolder, then the 'submodules would be read.

Anything like that would help with customizing what happens without having to learn php and changing it like that.


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