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2 little Suggestions

Guest Abu Bilal

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The first idea (name clicking to get profile) I think has already been suggested, and about a week or so ago.

As for the email validation via PM, that would defeat the purpose. The reason for the email validation is to confirm that the email address given is valid. Sending via PM would let someone create an account and bypass that security option. If you don't want there to be a validation process, then you can turn it off.


From what I understand, there is an upcoming option to allow an admin to require both email validation -and- admin approval. Which I think would be nice, at least if the validation process could be pawned off to a member group instead of requiring AdminCP access.

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Ah, so new-user notification. :)

I think thats been suggested before too, but if so, it's been awhile that I know of.

I could go for that idea if there is the option to get notified once (by email) since the last visit of there being a new sign up -AND- if the PM is generated dynamically. ie, when you next visit, all the signups since the last visit are put into 1 PM instead of 1 per person with the title of the PM saying how many people are listed.

That would reduce clutter and do what you are saying, both at the same time. :)

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