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Integrate with popular CMS?

Guest datoufish

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Either sell as additional module or free download as a gift.

Some popular CMS like movabletype, ez publish, pmachine, mambo, etc. Integration here, in my point of view, may include

1) membership sysytem (registration, management, etc)
2) comments (comments to an article published by CMS will be posted in a IPB forum)


As far as I know, aMember has this for sale.

(Maybe I shall wait until Invision's own CMS?)

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Many CMS products have developed several years, very mature and powerful. Invision's own CMS shall be, at most, as good as them. To think someone tells you he will develop a Board more powerful than ipb/vbb/phpbb while he has no previous experience in discussion board product.

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Their reply was ... well we figured out that we can make lots of money off of it, so we are.

They have put so much effort into it ... i don't disagree with charging, but it could be a little less (for those with not-for-profit or private sites ... corporations, charge the heck out of them).

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