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Show if user is Online when replying to PM

Guest robirming

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I don't see the need of having a PM button when reading a persons PM.

Why not change this to show the online status. This would be much more useful.

Instead of:

Make it like this:

I think that would be much better, and I'm pretty sure others agree?


I see what you mean.. I suppose an online button would be better suited for the thing, not really a big deal in my opinion though.
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LOL, nice bump.

I agree, though. It helps if you can see if someone's online when you go to PM them or reply to the PM. I hadn't noticed the online status wasn't shown in private messaging, but it ought to be. Also, as the PM system now intelligently autocompletes for username searching, it ought to paint the screen names green for online and blue for offline - reserve red for "not a member" or something - so you could, at a glance, see who's online and who isn't, when sending PMs.

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