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Social Networking type system like Friendster.com

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Is it really hard for IPB to add the functionality of Friendster.com or Myspace.com or any of the many other social networking systems out there?

Basically it just allows any of the members in the system to be able to refer others to sign up to join the site.

And then remember the geneology of who referred who to expand the user base of the site. This will go very well with the converge setup since sites members can be linked.

Personally i think this functionality should be a base functionality of IPB, but at the least it should be a simple addon product to the blogging or CMS system. Which btw i am VERY curious if there are any updates on when the latest release dates are planned?

Anyone with info out there on this?

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It would be cool to either integrate this social networking ability (friendster, myspace, etc type stuff) with IPB, IPDynamic, the blog pluggin, gallery, or maybe as a seperate add-on module :)

Actually that's another concern, i haven't purchased the invision gallery yet, because I hear it's not completely part of IPB... and more of a seperate type page/system like the calendar. At the bare minimum it should be an option for ALL invision products to be integrated under a seamless user experience.. ie invision gallery pics and IPB posts on the same page.

Any thoughts on this, or the social networking system?

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yeah.. i think it would be a ROCKIN mod!! that everyone would use.. which is why i think IPB should consider it.. do you know anyone that has the desire to play around and create a mod such as this :)

I know tons of people who would love to have this kinda feature on their site.. should eventually be pretty common place to increase any membership level on any blog or forum site :)

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