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Moderator groups

Guest Wolfie

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Sort of like setting a user group to be moderators of a forum, but in a reverse fashion.

Let's say, Forum Control -> Moderator Groups

When you add a moderator group, you set up all the options that moderator group has and to which forums.

Then for each member, you can select them to have 1 or more (if any at all) moderator group access.

The benefit is that if you want to remove a certain power (or add a certain power) to a moderator group, it will be in effect for ALL of the forums they have access to.

Would also be nice to have an option like "Automatically include any new child forums created?" - example: Cooking forum, with the option selected, and a new sub-forum is created like "Desserts", it would automatically be added to the moderator group so that the admin doesn't have to add it in. It would also have the same options already set.

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Just thought of something else. If the same thing were done on a user-per-user basis, then the current system of moderating could be basically be scrapped. In place of it, install "Forum leaders", where multiple forums could be selected to (add/edit/remove) members/groups that would have leadership status of the forums (thus forum lead by) and their abilities in the forum(s) selected. On top of that, the forum leader(s) could add other members/groups to have moderator access to the forums and choose the options they have that they wish to share with the others. (ie, if the forum leader can't mass move topics, then they can't grant that function, but if they can mass prune, then they can pass that along to their 'helpers').

As for the forum lead by display, only the leaders would be listed, but if there are no leaders and there are moderators, then they would be listed.

As another suggestion, an "info" or "properties" button would be nice, so that a member could click on it and see information such as number of subforums, who the leader(s) are by name and group (and those in each group), who the moderators are (same thing, name and groups with the members of each group being listed)), total topics/posts/polls, first topic (with date/time/who/total posts), latest topic (with date/time/who/total posts), rules/links, if moderation queueing is on (for new topics only, replies only, all posts), how many pinned/locked topics there are, etc.

Like a summary of the forum (but not including information from the subforums other than linked names to the summary pages of the subforums).

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This does sound useful as the current moderators system is a pain if you require to change a assigned moderator's (user/group) permissions as you have to change it on each and every forum. However you can assign moderator powers to groups and change the entire groups powers by modifying the group moderator permissions currently.

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You can also create a user group and then assign it to Moderate, or make it Super Moderator. :thumbsup:


SuperModerator - moderates everywhere, defeating the purpose of selecting where.
User group to moderate - currently (until fixed) can only be applied if it's their primary group. Also (see note below
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