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Favorites, Custom forum layout suggestion

Guest Sire

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ust something of a suggestion for future releases and consideration.

We have collapsible categories now. It made me think about members being interested in only a handful of forums. It would be amazing if they could create their own index page of favorites, and reorder them. A custom index.

So for example my own custom index page might be:

- / Company Product and Services Feedback

- / IPS Customer Chat

- / IPS Customers' Hints and Tips

- / IPS Customer Feedback

So just those 4 forums would show up for me. With an option to VIEW ALL perhaps.

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Oh... I like that idea...

Maybe also something similar to collapsing forums but in a 3-way set.. You can mark the forums you want to always see, and then collapse the groups to semi-collapsed where only the favorites show up. (perhaps an arrow pointing to the bottom right, so it's not collapsed but not fully open either).. Would cut the page down some to show all the categories but only the forums you want to see. Just like an added idea to what you said.

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