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Something I have wanted to do was define a different group icon for each of my staff members, as most have tasks other then admin or mod. We have news, information, media, and interation staff as well. Rather than having to make a new group for the staff for each group icon I want, I would rather like to go into that staff member's profile in ACP and define a group icon for the individual staffer. Subsequently, I could make one group called 'Staff' (with the exception of Admins) so it would be easier for members to find the staffer they are looking for.



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Could always use their avatars -or- do this..

Make a custom field that can be editted by the member.
--For the content display, have it be

<img src=./path/to/images/{content}.gif>

Set the order to 0 (make sure everything else is 1 or higher).

Then in that path for the images, have the name of image for them.

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My suggestion is for you to just create different user groups with the appropriate forum access and assign a unique group Icon.

yes, this is a little time consuming BUT organized.


Yes, plus you would be able to search and list the member using a specific icon, by looking up their member-group. :cool:
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