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Upgraded "importing" features

Guest Wolfie

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Put simply (although may be more difficult to actually make)..

Importing (and heck, exporting?) skins/images/emoticons from/to another site..

For importing emoticons, can either import an XML/archived file from another site, or "upload" a new emoticon by giving the url to it (and optionally giving it a name during the upload) so that it grabs the emoticon from a website instead of from your computer.

Also a button to do a raw paste of files/urls to upload..








::Once a directory is given, all files after that are read from the same location until a new location is given, ie, file2.gif would be read from the same location as file1.gif, and file5.gif from the same location as file4.gif, etc.

Or for doing directory uploads, select a directory, then have it list all the found supported images, and let you pick which files to upload (and let you name the emoticons too, like when managing a group of emoticons already on the server)


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