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Usergroup colours

Guest Cheule

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I love the feature in the Users And Groups section where you can colourize the Member groups as has been done here at IPS. I've been running a single board with a single skin for some time now and made full use of this feature with no problems. But while making a second skin this week, the limitations have hit me.

Would it be possible to move this feature from the Users and Groups section and include it in the Skinning section instead? That way, you can have different colours based on the skin that the members are using. For example, licensed customers here have a nice red colour which works well enough, but what if IPS gave us a red-based skin as an option? Most of the Who's online section would be rendered useless!

If I've missed something be sure to correct me, like if there is another way around this problem, but I believe this should be moved in as a skinning option. :)

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