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Updated moderator control

Guest Wolfie

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When assigning a moderator group (or even a specific user) and assigning their moderating abilities, you can assign different powers per forum.

Well, if you want to modify, say, 5 different forums for the same person, giving them the same powers in all 5 forums, you have to do the same edit 5 times (that I know of).

Perhaps where an edit page could come up with a list of the forums in a box where multiple forums could be selected, then the different powers chosen, and then applied.

[ multi-line box listing all forums ]


moderator options like delete, move, edit, pinning, etc


[apply] [cancel]

Also the ability to pick a specific forum and "Load" those settings, so that the different forums could be selected and then those same settings applied.

A second thought would be to be able to set up moderation groups that would have specific moderator controls in all of the forums that they are assigned to. Like, "Trainee" for example might only have the power to hide/unhide posts and topics, and everyone a member of the "Trainee" group would have the exact same powers in all of the forums that the "Trainee" group is assigned to. Then that way if you want to add or remove a power from the group, instead of editting each forum, you edit just the one group. Sort of like the editting permission masks directly instead of editting the forum permissions. And could be used instead of making user groups that are only used for making moderation groups and nothing more.

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