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A few ideas

Guest Wolfie

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1) Custom profiles "checkbox" and "buttons"

Checkbox - use the same box as the "drop down menu" box for adding in choices, except without adding in the "a=" and "b=" etc. More like:

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3


Then, multiple choices could be selected/deselected. Such as having an "interests" checkbox, those interests could be specific. example, favorite sci-fi shows/movies, "star trek" "star wars" "terminator".. You get the idea. Buttons - same as the checkbox/drop down menu, except that it would be "none" by default, but once one is selected, then they can't re-default it to none. As an example, gender.. blank (not picked) by default, but once chosen, would be either male or female, and the user couldn't select "none" again. Multi-menu - box list of different options that a person could pick/choose (like using the ctrl key to select/deselect multiples). <--not really too keen on this, but it would give the admin options for setting up. Would also require choosing how many options are visible in the box. Perhaps a flag, too, so that once a person makes a selection (or selections), then once saved, they cannot edit it. 2) Permission denies Using the checkbox.. [ ] = same as now (doesn't make a difference), [./] (checked) = give access if matched (same as now). [#] (solid block) = deny if matched Would be useful for restricting access since everything seems to always lean towards granting it. Along the same lines, perhaps a way to make permission with AND's usage.. Like must have Read for two different masks otherwise they don't get access, instead of only having to match one or the other. 3) Group leaders I've seen other mentions of this.. Leader of a group could add their group to a users secondary group list (thus giving them the same benefits) or remove them. 4) "Catagory" moderators When giving someone moderator access to a forum, they get moderator powers for all the subforums as well. When assigning a group as a category moderator, yes/no choices could be selected for the leader of the group to have the power to add/delete subforums, moderators, etc for only the area that they have that access.

Yes / No "User/group has catagory moderator access?"

Yes / No "Group leader can add/del/edit subforums?"

Yes / No "Group leader can add/del/edit group list access?"

You get the idea.

5) Post-only access

If someone can't see the forum, but say a redirect link (or an outside link) points to a specific forum with a posting action, then a post can be made. Would be useful for feedback or similar setups.

6) [NOEMO] & [EMO] or alike

Turn off emoticons for portions of a post.


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