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'Smart' Moderator Notifacation System

Guest Tucker

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Reason: Currently in the IPB system, along with a number of message board systems, the only 'problem member' checks there are is the bad word filter, report button, and, of course, mods generally reading through topics on the board. What if a 'smarter' system could be developed that would automatically notify a moderator, or add the topic to a 'check queue' if certain indicators of negative activity are found? The current bad word system, for example, cannot determine between the word 'ass' in reference to a donkey, or another member.

Idea: The system could run on two or three different bases. First of all, we again would have a problem word list. But instead of removing the word when found, the topic would be flagged for review of a mod/admin. This way, many more terms that could possibly prove to be problematic (insulting another member, for example). Once reviewed, the staff member could take appropriate action. This would greatly quicken the process in which activity which breaks board rules could be identified. Especially useful on very large boards where it is nearly impossible to review every post in every topic.

The system could also flag a topic for other reasons. If the board has a no pornographic material rule, a topic with a link containing the phrase 'XXX' or 'pron' could be automatically flagged for review. Double/Triple posts could be flagged, either just to correct the mistake, or stop a possible spammer. Different file types, such as .exe could be flagged for approval to help stop the intentional spread of viruses, or illegally copied media. (Some webhosts have rules governing this, and there have been boards which have gotten into trouble for containing links to 'pirated' media.)

Granted, the use of the system would be different for each forum, and would need to have the ability to be customized, but the general idea is something that I don't think has really been thought of before in the development of message board software. :)

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Perhaps an upgrade on the badword filter where you have exact, loose and regular-expressions?

And using keywords..

Like for filtering "ass", have a keyword filter called "ass", if you go to view it, it shows you all the entries for that keyword. When adding, you can have it grouped, so you would know what word each entry is supposed to filter..

Something like:

Keyword: (f-word here)

Exact:  replace: [(f-word here)]  with: [****]

Exact:  replace: [fvck]  with: [****]

Loose:  replace: [fook]  with: [****]

Regex:  replace: [(regular expression here)]

             with: [****]

(The [ & ]'s mean a box/cell that the words/whatever would be in)

And perhaps have on that page [DELETE] buttons next to each line to remove one, or just edit it and "apply" the changes, or at the bottom, have a section where you can add another line to the keyword.

Then it would be easier to look up a few keywords/edit them, than to have a lot of random lines :)

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