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Rating of posts

Guest Robnhood

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It would be a nice feature to rate a post.

For example,

1 stars
2 stars
3 stars

This would be 3-5 small icons visible when reading a post. Clicking on the stars would show the post as 1,2,3 or whatever stars meaning that it was helpful, insightful, or whatever.

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I remember seeing a modification for this somewhere before, and have been thinking about making a modification.

If anyone is interested in this actually being done as a mod, I'm sure I can set aside some time to do a modification...

I've seen alot of people that are integrating their review/faq/tutorials into forum software, and invision is just the best to do it in due to the unlimited subforums availability and other great features...

Let me know =)

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I like this feature as it allows for self-moderation. As a matter of fact... I would like to open this idea to run like Slashdot... and I'll explain, because the system is so cool...

Let's say you have 5 moderators on your site. They will rate the posts in stars (in Slashdot they use Funny, Informative, etc for ratings, not stars but I think stars work better for most sites). So they rate a post 4 stars. Then your members can 'meta' moderate that, and just approve or disapprove of their ratings. The moderator's rating is weighted higher, and the meta moderators get weighted lower for the overall rating, so it's always taken into account. The more that members 'meta' moderate, the more 'points' they can build up. At say, 100 points, they can do full moderation on a topic, giving it the initial rating, where meta moderators can only agree with or disagree with the rating. It promotes lively discussion, keeps good topics on track and helps to clean out the junk from other topics, and also using the 'points' system, encourages users to get involved and self-moderate the other members' posts.

And obviously, that could be done in stages... so you don't have to have a meta moderation for a small site, just a simple rating.

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