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(NE) Highlight changes in edit history 1.0.6

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Pretty much what it says in the name - this will highlight the differences between edits made by users, as long as you have the 'Edit log' setting set to store the edits.

PHP requirements: v7.3 or later

See the following for the background:

See the 'Additional information' for support details.

This application makes use of Caxy Interactive's 'PHP-HTMLDIFF' library, which is available for use under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (version 2). No modifications have been made to the source code of this library

Website: https://github.com/caxy
Repository: https://github.com/caxy/php-htmldiff
License: https://github.com/caxy/php-htmldiff/blob/master/LICENSE

Edited by Nathan Explosion
Updating FAQ

What's New in Version 1.0.3   See changelog


  • No functional changes
  • Tested and confirmed working on IPS 4.6.0 (Beta)


This is a free application - any support provided is via PM, and is limited to the integration between the PHP-HTMLDIFF library and IPS; no support is provided for how the PHP-HTMLDIFF library functions.

Some likely questions that may be asked:

  1. Where are the settings? There are none
  2. How do I turn it on? Install the application and enable it - that is all.
  3. But how do I see what it does? Click the 'Edit history' link in an edited comment.
  4. But there isn't one, why? Because you aren't logging edit history. Go to your ACP, type edit into the search bar and click on "Edit log" - set this setting to 'Log all edits made to content and what was changed' and then edit history will be captured as and when someone edits a comment.
  5. Is this setting part of your application? No, it's a stock IPS setting.
  6. I have that setting enabled now, how do I know it is now working? Then you need to edit a comment...that will then show you the 'Edit history' link which you can then link. If a comment was edited BEFORE the setting was enabled then there is no edit history to be viewed because it wasn't being captured.
  7. I clicked on the 'Edit history' link in a comment before I added your application and then again after the application was installed - it's not working, any idea why? The result of the first click is cached on the page, so when the second click is performed then it just shows the same thing again. Refresh the page, then the link will show an updated edit history, which should contain
  8. I've checked all of the above, it's still not working. What do I do? After checking below to see if there are any current known issues, then contact me via PM - be prepared to provide a link to comment with an edit history on it, and ACP credentials to check things behind the scene closer.

Issue tracker:

  1. Known issues
    • None
  2. Fixed issues
    • In some live environments, the differences are not being highlighted in the edit history, even after ensuring all the above steps have been checked. This is due to the 3rd-party PHP-HTMLDIFF library not loading correctly and triggering a template error. This issue was resolved in v1.0.1
    • Added support for new template structures in IPS Community Suite 4.7.8. as of v1.0.6 of the application

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Even if this wasn't free – it would be an excellent and very helpful plug-in. It's great being able to spot changes which have been made instantly without having to go through the grind of having to compare large blocks of text with each other and often missing the more subtle changes.

Frankly I don't know why he's not charging something for it

Response from the author:

Thanks for the review - happy to see it working out for you.

The reason I'm not charging for this is purely because I just couldn't justify that - my input into the code behind the scenes is minimal compared to what is provided by the excellent PHP-HTMLDIFF library available from Caxy (see the credits for the application)

Kicking myself though - my beer fund would have been very happy haha

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