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Kitchen Sink 2.2.1

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A Massive Pile of Micro-Changes, Improvements, and Customizations for Invision Community 4.5+, Everything Including as They Say...

Entirely re-written for Invision Community 4.5+ as an application. Inserts most CSS after any Invision application's CSS but before your custom css directory files. That means 3rd-party plugins and your own custom.css file will always take precedence.

  • You can allow any topic creator to edit their first post in topics within the forums of your choice.
  • Set both post count and topic count as stats displaying in Forum indexes.
  • Scrunches down review stars.
  • Collapses (with optional max-size) embedded images in posts AND displays them in-line. No more massive stacked image posts!
  • Font Awesome 5 support!
  • Speed up animation speeds for pop-ups and other elements. 
  • Customize the default error page that displays with a background image, custom text, more!
  • Full Messenger box warning for users.
  • Forums Topic and Post embeds customizable! You can make them look really nice...
  • Sticky Sidebars!
  • A hell of a lot more... I actually blew up the screenshots uploader in previous updates so here's a few more of new stuff in 2.0.0 plus the customizable embeds that came with 1.0.0:


Removed icon area, appends new. password, link badges as needed - "new" ones clickable to mark the forum read, both topic stats, removes the dots in front of sub-forums with new content (bold text should suffice), category descriptions appended. ALL of these are options in KS - put them together as above for a lean, clean look!


status1.PNG.1499ca745db2e95c9bf629aae68a725c.PNG          status2.PNG.505b5084fd62731290fbab55610389f0.PNG

Two new looks for Status Updates AND you can adjust the number of lines displayed per update. No more super-truncated updates!



You can customize the embeds within your forum, move things around, stick the content of the embed on top like above, and so on.


Here's a slightly longer but probably still partial list (HEADS UP! I edit the description occasionally BEFORE the actual latest version is approved. If the version you see on top of the change notes right below this statement doesn't match the version in the Marketplace title, that means a new version is coming and just waiting for approval)

NEW! Sticky Sidebars!

NEW! Zalgo text eliminator!
NEW! Usermenu options to remove separators, section titles, and the achievements block.

2.0.0 (Late-June 2021 Release coinciding with the release of Invsion Community 4.6)
Updated for 4.6 Compatability
REMOVED! Lazy Load on userphoto template - IPS has included same natively with 4.6
FIX! Limiting attachments in forum posts was either slightly broke or just slightly 
broke on 4.6; patched.
NEW! Recent Status Updates widget now with three possible views AND you can customize 
the number of lines output per update - no more three line limit!
TWEAK! for when displaying both topic and post count stats together to add more room 
for larger counts
NEW! Remove the icon area from Forum index displays.
NEW! Append <new> badges at the end of forum titles when new content is within in 
index view - combine with removed icon area for a clean lean look.
NEW! Above also does the same for link forums and password-protected forums.

NEW! Core - Lazy-load option for userphotos
NEW! Forums - Index - Option to hide the circle-dot unread marker on 
sub-forums (sub-forum titles remain bolded when unread)
NEW! Forums - Topics - append topic author's user group after author's 
name. Plain or formatted.
ADD! A few new language strings to replace hard-coded text in settings.

UPDATE! Altered the breadcrumb hook. Home icon now inserted without 
replacing elements, home text removed via JS.
UPDATE! Review stars now use the complete half-star icon instead of the 
default half and half-flipped approach.
NEW! FA5 Pro licensed icons supported. 
FIX! Reverse Post Order in Topics setting when set to apply to all forums.
FIX! Some sites do not ajax-load new pages of Forum topics, so I had to fix 
up the topic post numbering feature to account for that.
UPDATE! Also improved the page numbering feature to work better with custom 
themes that have moved the .ipsComment_tools structure to the postContainer 
template instead of the post template

KS 1.1.0
UPDATE! Added responsive phone-view to the Forums in-lined image feature, 
misc adjusted CSS.
UPDATE! New javascript catch for Forums in-lined images: ANY paragraph 
with images that have inline-css styles are skipped.
UPDATE! Sets min-row height for forum rows when do not show statistics on 
mobile views is enabled.
UPDATE! Re-worked the Show Only Members on Online Users page. Now just sets 
the menu link to default to the members filter. No CSS hiding, all filters, 
including guests, still available. Best possible solution.
NEW BY REQUEST! Site terms and conditions option: place in footer, use full 
theme instead of minimal. NOTE: These terms and conditions only appear on new 
registrations or when users are forced to accept changed terms and conditions. 
This KS setting allows them to be viewed at any time.
NEW BY REQUEST! Posts numbered in Forum Topics. Either the actual universal 
post number or numerically 1-2-3 per-topic.

KS 1.0.0
Compact Star Ratings
Do Not Display Guests on the Online Users Page
Enable Font Awesome 5 Support
Default Search Results Order
Member has Full Messenger Warning
Community Guidelines Display with Full Theme, Not Minimal
Community Privacy Policy Display with Full Theme, Not Minimal
Display a Link to Your Guidelines in the Footer
Adjust Animation Speeds
Remove the Vertical Separators between the Menu Options in Userbar
Replace Create menu option with an Icon
Remove Userbar Member Avatar on Desktop View
Manipulate the Mark Site Read Link - icon or text only, remove, or move to usermenu
Manipulate the Default Stream Link - icon or text only, remove, or move to usermenu
Manipulate the Home Breadcrumb Element - restore icon, display icon and text
Remove the Last Breadcrumb Element
Larger Profile Cover Photo
Customizable Error Page

Remove the title 'Forums' from the Index Page
Append Category Descriptions Beneath Category Titles
Forum Statistics Displayed - post count, topic count, both
Table View - Do Not Show Forum Statistics on Tablet and Phone Views
Table View - Remove Sub-Forums Indent and Angle Mark
Adjust Grid View Title Size
Force the Forums > Post Feed Widget to Pull Only First Posts
Allow Authors to Always Edit First Initial Posts in Topics - selectable per forum
Remove Topic Location from Date Line
Add a Locked Icon to Locked Topic Titles
Display Posts in Topics in Order of Latest Posts to Oldest Posts in Select 
Forums, selectable per forum, see details for explanation/warnings
Topic Activity Blocks - How Many Top Posters to Display
Topic Activity Blocks - How Many Popular Days to Display
Topic Activity Blocks - How Many Image Attachments to Display
Display only the Time of Post Entry - removes the word 'Posted'
Hide the MultiQuote Button
Hide the Quote Link/Button
Change the Quote Link into a Button
Set a Limit on the Number of Attachments per Post - see details for limitations
Float Image Attachments in Posts - collapses attached images side-by-side 
instead of stacking them
Customizable Topic Embeds
Customizable Post Embeds

miniAlbum template tweaks

Larger Blog Cover Photo
Larger Blog Title Size
Hide the Blog Header on Blog Entries
Adjust Blog Entry Photo Size

Squared Edges on Event Listings
Remove "Event Details" Title Text from Event View
Larger Event Cover Photo
Larger Event Title Size

Customize the Size of the Screenshots Carousel - height and width separately

Enlarge Product View - Primary Product Image
Enlarge Product View - Thumb Images
Adjust Product View - Product Title Font Size


New with 2.2.0: Sticky Sidebars! No more dead space when scrolling down!




See the screenshots for a better look at most of what is on offer (but not all). Screenshots of Kitchen Sink Settings in the ACP may appear different than stock installations as Spacious ACP allows for custom ACP fonts and formatting and my ACP has, obviously, been customized 😃


Can I ask for something to be changed or included?
Yes, absolutely! That's kind of the whole point of this. This is a LIVING application. You can expect things to come and go over time. There are some basic rules though. If I think it is too involved, or I think that once I start it that it would be better off as it's own plugin I'll pass. Just ask in the support topic and we'll go from there. The primary focus here is TINY small things that would normally get lost in the shuffle. Tweaks, flips, nudges. That sort of thing. I decide in the end and you may or may not like my decisions...

What if IPS changes something and...
If they add something into the suite that I fixed/added here then it will probably be removed from Kitchen Sink. No need to duplicate functionality. If something in this plugin breaks due to a change in the IPS Suite I'll of course try to fix it if it is fixable, or I might remove it until it can be fixed; I expect things to change over the years - you should too.

Seems to be forums heavy...
Yep - that is the flagship application for the suite so... There's still plenty of good stuff for the Core and other apps too!

Anything on the ACP side?
No but... Spacious ACPGet that! 

This <feature> isn't working on my site!
If you have custom.css or a 3rd-party plugin that conflicts, or your custom theme has moved elements around, and so on, there is not a lot I can do. I can give you some help in the support topic but the further you (or theme authors) move away from the default IPS structure the harder it will be for hooks and CSS calls to work. Most of Kitchen Sink should work for everyone. I do not support modified themes but I'll lend a hand as I can time permitting. This plugin has been tested on a fresh 4.5.3 installation of Invision Community with no other plugins loaded and no custom.css. 


To get most of what Kitchen Sink offers you would have to hope for devs to provide a surreal amount of free plugins - to get all of it, many of the more involved Kitchen Sink features would set you back at least $10 a pop (the new 4.5 Marketplace minimum). I've wrapped it all up in a single application for a convenient low price! Probably too low...


Thanks Everyone!

Edited by All Astronauts

What's New in Version 2.2.1   See changelog


  • NEW! Sticky Sidebars
  • 2.2.1 clears some javascript errors related to sticky sidebars in the console when sidebar is not present.

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