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Global Ignore / Tachy Goes to Coventry 1.0.5


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This application will help the admins to run their forum in a calm and peaceful manner. Whenever you have a troublesome member at your forum, you can add his/her id on a global ignore list. If you enter more than one member id, you must separate them with commas. All posts and topics of the globally ignored members will be hidden completely from everyone, but the globally ignored members themselves so they do not have any idea of what is going on. Admins can select a certain group or groups that can view the hidden content. 

Imo this is a great way to deal with your troublesome members. You let them talk to themselves rather than banning them outright.

The application also adds a new setting in the Moderator Panel where all ignored members are being showed. i.e. who is ignoring whom and what things are they ignoring.

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Changed only the compatibility version for 4.6.


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This is an excellent little application – and extremely useful if you have a controversial forum with persistent troublemakers – and unfortunately some of us do.

It is very time-consuming to deal with people who just come in for the hell of it and as soon as they are placed on moderation or even banned, they simply register a clone and come in again – and again.

For a busy forum with a small volunteer site team, it's extremely time-consuming to have to deal with these people.

There was a similar modification available for vBulletin – called "Coventry" – where believe it or not, a troublesome person was sent to Coventry.

This application does exactly the same thing. It's very early days so it still being refined but it installs extremely easily. The placing of individuals on the global ignore list can only be done by administrators who have access to the admin CP – so it is less likely to be abused. However, the moderating team – people who have access to the mod CP can see who is on the global ignore list.

This is not something that I relish using – and when we were on the vBulletin platform it was used very rarely but it contributed to the peaceful running of the forum which of course was not only in the interests of the site team but also in the interests of the people who genuinely came along and needed help or wanted to contribute.

At the moment, you have to place a members ID number into the global ignore list in the admin CP. I believe that a forthcoming feature will make it easier as you will simply need to place the user ID into the list for it to work.

Also, I believe that in a forthcoming version there is likely to be an indication on a globally ignored users post that they are being globally ignored. Of course this would only be visible to site team and administrators.
At the moment, those who feature on the global ignore list are also included in the table of who ignores who – which is an application developed by the same developer. I have suggested that the the global ignore list should be a separate table in the mod CP. This makes sense to me.

It's quite extraordinary that almost everyone who is placed on a global ignore list never realises it themselves. They carry on making their provocative posts and it never occurs to them why no one has risen to their provocation or tried to bite back. On the rare occasions that we used in vBulletin, we had three or four people who were on the global ignore list for months and never realised it – until eventually they got bored and went away. In fact I came to admire their persistence in making posts without receiving any kind of response.

People who are globally ignored are visible to anyone who is not logged on. This means that if the person is globally ignored has suspicions and they decide to log off, they will still see their name and their posts. They will only realise what has happened if they register as a clone and they will then find that they are unable to see their names or their posts. In my experience this has never happened.

It is very important to emphasise that this is a pretty harsh way of dealing with people but it is not intended as a punishment. It is intended to ensure the smooth running of the forum, it is there for the benefit of the great majority of people who simply want to come in and enjoy the forum resources.
This application is simply installed "in the public interest" and it is characterised by being particularly non-conflict oriented.


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