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Books 1.2.3

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This resource uses Google Books API to grab data from any book to your site, as long the data is available on Google Books. This resource supports both 10 and 13 digit ISBN format.

All you have to do is type the ISBN, the API will add for you*:

  • Title
  • Subtitle (if there's any)
  • Description
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Year of Publication
  • Number of pages
  • And most important: it will upload the book cover automatically for you

(*) Data will be retrieved if the book is found in Google Books.

Per book features:

  • Readers & Rating: set book read date and provide a rating
  • Bookshelves the book is added
  • Comments
  • Reviews


  • You can create your bookshelf
  • Follow bookShelves
  • You can add books that you own/already read to your bookshelf
  • People can comment
  • People can review

Other features:

  • Fully integrated to the framework: Rest API, categories, extra fields, notifications, search, tags, follow, reactions, promote, etc.


  • Settings to control the app behaviour in several places/situations

Suggestions are welcome!

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Changed price

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


New features:

  • New setting to control the ISBN format: 13 digits, 10 digits or both
  • New setting to display a BUY THIS BOOK button in the book view
    • 13 digits ISBN format will add a link to Barnes & Noble store
    • 10 digits ISBN format will add a link to Amazon store
  • Per member options in Account Settings to control Amazon settings
    • Store URL: member can choose the URL to the store of their country
    • Affiliate Program ID: this will be added in the BUY THIS BOOK button so the member can monetize with their submissions in case someone buys the book


  • Book subtitle not saving

Support Topic:

Categories, Extra Fields and Settings:

  • Admin CP -> Community -> Books

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This a fantastic application! We use it to give members an idea of what books they should own. Using ISBN for entry simplifies the process so addition of books is quick. New features for Amazon Associate program will help site owners monetize this section of their site.

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Yet another great app from @Adriano Faria goes great with the Movies app and the Music app. Great communication and quick at answering support questions.👍

Get His Music and Movie apps they wont disappoint 😁

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