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Members Shop Profile Gifts 1.0.6

$20 · Renewal Term: $10/year

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Allow your members to buy or send virtual gifts for their profiles using their members shop points, you can create unlimited gifts for members to redeem.

Main Features

  • Adds a new tab to members profiles for the gifts to be shown / seen
  • Create categories to place gifts in
    • These categories will be shown in the members profiles in the order of them in the ACP
  • Create gifts for members to have on their profiles
  • All ACP created gifts will be shown on the members profiles with the images in Grayscale
    • Once a member redeems a gift the image on their profiles will be shown in full colour
  • If a member has redeemed more than 1 of the same gift it will show how many they have in a little notification bubble
  • Shows random gifts on the members posts / topics in the forums
    • You can disable this via the ACP settings
    • You can set the amount to show in the ACP settings
  • All images use the lazy load setting if you have enabled lazy load

How To Use

  1. Once installed go to the members shop tab in the ACP and select the profile gifts > category & gifts link
  2. Click the create new button and add a category
  3. Now click the add gift button and create a gift adding a name and uploading a image
  4. Repeat for all your images / categories
  5. Go to the members shop items and add a new item selecting the profile gift item
  6. Fill in all the details as you would like any other item
  7. There will be a new setting showing all your created gifts select one of them from the list to use
  8. If you want the gift image to show as the item image you will need to re-upload that image for that item ( I will be looking into it doing it automatically but will need to edit members shop for this )
  9. The item will now be available to purchase with-in the members shop application


Edited by Adriano Faria

What's New in Version 1.0.6   See changelog

User Feedback

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Version Reviewed: 1.0.2
Disclaimers: None; I purchased this addon to the Members Shop, with my own money. I did not get it for free. The did the developer did not give me any kickbacks or rewards for writing the review. 

Recommended: Absolutely. It's a must have in my opinion for those who have the Members Shop's Mod.

Preamble: We've not had a function rich points system since IPS 3.4 (2014/2015), and for me this has been a long awaited addon for the Members Shop modification and has brought it more in line to what we had during the old Ibeconomy days, which overall the modder seems to be going towards. This makes me very happy. Quietly and overtime @TheJackal84 has been adding more and more functionality to the Members Shop's Mod and I'm very excited to see what he comes out with next. Perhaps we'll see stocks/shares based on registrations or community activity, or even scratch cards, or maybe something completely new!


I think that this addon is a reasonable price ($15, at the time of writing - with a renewal of $7.50 per 6 months) for what it is, it is a suitable compensation for the author's development and time considering it's no small task. Profile Items allows members on your community to buy (rather pointless) trinkets with their hard earned points, on your site. Furthermore it also allows members to gift other members these items, which could be useful across a wide range of applications of the parent product (Members Shop). My members on my community have been asking for something to spend their points on for a very long time, and this is something that scratches that itch.

Putting in your own items is extremely easy, and painless, you just upload the picture, what the item is called and then insert it as an item in the actual shop. What I like to do is in the profile items section in the ACP is to use the item name as a description or a cheeky bit of text that people can see when they hover over it in the profile with their mouse. Then in the actual store page, put the item name in as the item name so that when people buy it they see it as the store names it, and then when they hover their mouse over it the 'description' shows up. 

Considering this has only really just been released, and it's had a few minor bug fixes already it does exactly what it says on the tin and it's a very strong start. I can't wait to see this add-on mature, and to see what additional functionality and options it brings later down the line. Although I'm not saying it does - right now it's absolutely perfect for my needs. But who knows? I am very eager to see where this will go, and as I already stated it's off to a very strong start out of the gate. 

I did have an extremely minor issue with this addon at first, but the developer came to my aid, despite the fact that it was extremely minor. It turns out that the problem wasn't with his add-on but something on my site (Usually is, by the way. If something can break, it will break on my site 🤣) but fair play to this guy, he still helped me out when - really - he didn't need to, and fixed the problem very quickly. He had to have Administrator Control Panel access, of which I can hand on heart say: he didn't misuse, or abuse it. So I can safely say that he can be trusted with that kind of access. He went in and did the things he needed to do, and came out. No problems whatsoever there. He also told me what he had done, and helped me with a few additional problems that I had, completely free of charge. Top kudos to him there. That is top notch customer service, right there.

I would give it more stars if I could. 11 out of 10. Would buy from again. 🙂 

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