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IPS Character Manager 1.0.6

$40 · Renewal Term: $20/6 months

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This mod is now only available on the Initiative.


This Mod allows for you to post as multiple personas, characters, alts, etc but not require multiple registrations.

Sponsored and continued maintenance and development by Morrigan and the Initiative. Developed by Esther Eisner of Headstand Consulting*.

Compatible with version 4.5. Contact us using the support option if you need an older version. We will verify ownership.

You must provide your member groups access to create characters.


Features are:

  • Per group settings for:
    • Character Accounts Creation
    • Character Account Editing
    • Can delete own characters
    • Can change character group
    • Can moderate characters
    • Can approve characters
    • Can bypass approval
    • Can share characters
    • Can Moderate characters
  • Character accounts are unusable until approved (if approving is enabled).
  • Users are able to change their character without having to edit their post, moderators can change character accounts if they can "moderate characters" as well as reverting to your OOC account.
  • Ability to unapprove a character.
  • Character Groups, no permissions but you can:
    • Create custom group colors and images just like having them in a real separate group
    • Hide Specific Groups from the character list.
  • Ability to globally disable character signatures.
  • Ability to Move characters into a specific character group if they have not been used in X days.
  • Custom Fields with the ability to make most fields mandatory as well as the ability to re-order these fields.
  • Front end Characters list to view characters including the ability to sort by player, group and post count as well as look at your own characters. This displays the mini-profile for the listing.
  • Who's Who list as an alternative to the character list to see which members own which characters easily.
  • Custom Character hover card.
  • Character embeds, link a character and get an embed that gives you all of the data provided in posts as well as their cover photo/avatar.
  • Display characters avatar in the topic list as well as topic widgets.
  • Front End Character profiles that you can edit in the Theme to make look custom with the code "$character->fields('key')" and the key is set when you are creating the profile field.
  • Profiles include:
    • Cover Photos
    • Recent Post Activity
    • Other characters by this member
    • Custom fields set in the admin panel
  • Include characters in Clubs and club icons in the mini-profile.
  • Characters tab in member's profile to see all characters owned by that member.
  • 2 Custom Widgets, one that is recently active characters with the date of their last post as well as a character count widget to show the count of how many characters are in which group.


*Our developer is Esther Eisner but all tech support comes through the Initiative. Any support requests sent to Esther will be redirected to the Initiative per our request.

Edited by Morrigan

What's New in Version 1.0.6   See changelog


Just fixes a minor issue with upgrades not working for removing a final bit from core tables.

User Feedback

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I am not sure I can find enough good words to express how awesome this application is. I left forum roleplay because of having to use account linking mods to run multiple characters. That meant having to have multiple accounts, multiple PMs, etc. I ran my RPGs on Nova for several years which rocked because it was set up so that we had one account and multiple characters. It had drawbacks, but it was still superior to having to use multiple accounts in order to write our characters' posts. Then Nova kind of stalled out a bit and my users were not thrilled with having to know HTML to do simple text formatting. I made the decision...reluctantly...to move back to forums. I settled on IPS and back to account linking.

Then - this mod and WOW!

The Character Manager app does everything and more most people could want if they run RPGs where people can have multiple characters.

@Mandalala covered it pretty thoroughly in their review so I'll throw a few words in from the non-tech type person.

Installation and primary set-up was a breeze. Prior to this application, I was using pages to manage our character profiles so it took a little maneuvering to get our already created characters moved to the new app. However, that was just a matter of time not technical expertise. I did have to ask for some help to style our character profiles and mini-profiles. However, the help was speedy and detailed. When I came time to install the app on my second IPS site, it was mega-easy.

So, yes, if you run multi-character RPGs, this is a must have for character management! Get it, it and the support given is well worth the price.

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   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members


It makes managing a RP site so much easier. No need to create multiple accounts! You can basically customize every part of the character profile. PLUS there is clubs integration! I use this mod and will continue to do so! This makes an admin's job so much easier.

Shared characters are great for plotting and its easy to post as your characters. No need to sign in and out of accounts.

If you run a RP site you need this mod!

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   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

I bought this mod on the Initiative. 

If I had access to this mod I would have purchased IPS software sooner. Now onto the review. I purchased this mod about a year ago on the Initiative for us on my rpg as an alternative to many linked accounts. 

Admins or Mods are able to approve character accounts (or you can permit members to bypass them). 

The character accounts as they are known can be shared among players (perfect for NPCs). It comes with a Who's who list and ability to search through different methods. 

What it is

The mod is designed with RPGs in mind. You have one player/OOC account that you log into and then can use it to create the character accounts. How you set it up is pretty varied and can easily be tailored towards your community. This mod is used everyday on my rpg. 


Pretty easy to set up, tbh. 

Submit it through the applications and go through the "update version" dropdown. Easy peasy! 


The support has been pretty speedy, friendly and helpful. 


This mod was definitely made with RPers being the prime focus of the mod. It is regularly updated and suggestions (if possible) are taken on board. I purchased this mod in August 2018 and it has been updated several times since then. You get your monies worth. 

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Curious as why the ones who paid for it cant download it anymore?

Response from the author:

This mod id no longer available on the IPS marketplace. It is only available on RPG Initiative as stated in the description.

Thus your renewal hasn't gone through and you don't have an active license to download it.

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