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Pickems X 1.1.4

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Create pools where members on your forums will predict who will win sports games. The member(s) with the most correct pociks by the end of the contest will be declared the winner.

How It Works

  • Customize basic settings in the ACP.
  • Create categories (from the ACP) and set permissions for which member groups can view and join pools in them.
  • Add pools (from the ACP) into categories.
  • If breaking your pool down into separate weeks, you can add new weeks to your pool in the ACP.
  • In the Teams area in the ACP, add teams and optional logos.
  • Members with permissions go to the pool's page on the front end and click a Join Pool button to join.
  • Once games are added (done on the front end by groups who have been given permission within the ACP settings), a Make Picks button will appear and allow for members to select who will win each game. Each individual game's kickoff time is the deadline for making a choice for that game.
  • The game winners are entered on the front end by those with permissions.
  • The member(s) with the highest number of correct picks at the time of the ending of the pool is the winner and is congratulated in a messabe above the standings!

Additional Features

  • Enter a deadline for members to join the pool by. If you want them to be able to join even after it starts, make it a far off time.
  • Set up a tiebreaker question if you want ties in the final standings broken. the question will then show on every Make Picks form. You do not have to add the tiebreaker at the beginning. You can add it near the end and then it will start showing on their late round forms.
  • Use weeks or don't. You can change from not using them to using them at any time or you cans witch from using them to not if you have not gone past week 1 yet.
  • You can enable the ability for members to select tie/draw for a game prediction. The term to be used can be set in the ACP. If enabled and a game ends in a tie, those who predicted a tie will be marked as a correct pick. If not enabled, nobody gets marked as correct or incorrect if it ended in a tie.
  • You can enter a game result as Canceled and nobody will be marked as correct or incorrect for the game.
  • The Pick Form tells which team, if any, has received the most selections so far.
  • There is a sidebar widget, which shows the overall standings and the current week's standings (if weeks are enabled). Like other widgets within the forum software, you can add it or remove it from various pages within your site.
  • When a pool's current week is about to have its first kickoff within 24-48 hours, a notification will be sent to all members in the pool, reminding them to review their picks and also letting them know if they forgot to make any picks. The default method is email, but like other notifications in the forum software, members can disable it or select inline notifications.


  • Categories do not show on the front end. The pools are listed right on the front page of the app and there are currently no subcategories used.
  • You can add weeks at any time during the pool, but only the current week's games can be picked. Once you are ready to move on to the enxt week, simply click the End Week button in the ACP.
  • Once the pool is completed, click the End Pool button in the ACP.
  • If you wish for the pool to stop showing, click the Close Pool button in the ACP. This will remove the pool from the front page of the app and from the widget.
  • There are currently strict requirements for being able to delete pools, delete weeks, etc... Once there are entries, games, etc.... some delete features will be unavailable. Also there is currently no undo button for games, so be careful when submitting results!
  • This can work in 4.3, You will only need to upload a different FURL file and use the support tool in the acp to rebuild and then it works in 4.3.


  • There is no branding shown on the app's pages.
  • If you upload a logo for a team, it will show to the right of the team's name on the Pick Form. It is up to you to know which logos you are legally allowed to use on your sites. My inclusion of the feature is not an endorsement for using trademarked or copyrighted logos. I am leaving it up to you to know what you can use. 🙂 
  • Obviously, the app and code within it cannot be redistributed.

I hope you enjoy the app. There are some similarities to the contests area of my betting app I created for 3.x, with some new features added in.

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