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Chatbox+ 2.7.1

$40 · Renewal Term: $18/6 months

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Coded with ♥ 

Chatbox+ is an application that uses Ajax calls to the server to get new messages. Supports room chat, club chat and the private one-2-one chat. The chat boxes can display in widget, new page, or floating on the bottom right to allow member easy to chat with each other.


*NEW* Private one-2-one chat:


  • Chat boxes display on bottom right allow member to chat with each other.
  • Multi chat at same time.
  • Permission for who can use the private chat.
  • Ability to select skin for each box.
  • Load more messages on scroll up (or down).
  • Easy to find member name to start the chat.
  • Sound notification for new message.
  • Report messages.
  • User online status.
  • Minimize and close chat boxes.
  • Ban settings.
  • Supports Clean Text Input with emoji, Youtube, URL, images, audio files, Giphy plugins,
  • Supports Lazyload images.
  • Interval in milliseconds.
  • Flood control.
  • Message length limit.
  • Permission to edit/delete messages.
  • Fully responsive - will adapt to mobile, tablet, desktop.

*NEW* Group Chat

  • This feature is an extension of Member Chat to allow users to create a group and invite people to chat.
  • Option to set maximum users in a group.
  • Users can leave group whenever they want.
  • Displaying users list in a group.
  • System notification when user joins/leaves group.
  • Group owner can rename the group.
  • Permission for who can invite people to join group. 

Rooms & Clubs Chat


  • Admin can create multiple rooms, display rooms in widgets, or a new page.
  • Club owner can create a room.
  • Announcement & Rules for each room.
  • Online Users list.
  • Allow guest to join and chat with their custom nickname and random avatar.
  • Show online users in the panel or popup.
  • Global Chat:
    • Show room in a a floating popup on the bottom of the pages so users can chat anywhere.
    • Toggle show/hide the popup.
    • Option to hide popup chat on mobile.
  • User controls:
    • On/Off sound notification.
    • Open chat in a popup.
    • Select skins.
  • Moderator controls:
    • Edit Announcement.
    • User blocking system:
      • Display moderator who blocked the user.
      • Ability to add the reason.
      • Auto unblock user after X minutes.
    • Clean room (delete all messages).
    • Quick edit/delete a message.
  • System messages to notify when:
    • New content posted from 3rd-party apps, supports:
      • Forums (new topic, new reply)
      • Downloads (new file, new comment, new review)
      • Pages (new article, new comment, new review)
      • Gallery (new image, new comment)
      • Blogs (new entry, new comment)
      • Calendar (new event, new comment)
      • Status updates, status replies
      • New registration.
      • Videobox (new video, new comment, new review)
      • Musicbox (new song, new comment)
      • Tutorials (new article, new comment)
    • New announcement.
    • New donation.
    • User joined/left room.
  • Auto Messages (Chat Bot)
    • Create multiple messages with cycle time in seconds.
    • Select a member as a Bot to post the messages automatically every X seconds.
    • The auto messages run on client-side, will not be saved to database for the best performance and saving database.
  • Archive messages:
    • Permission for who can view archive messages.
    • Search messages by member name, guest name, content, time.
    • Sorting messages by time, content, chatter name.
    • Edit/Delete/Report message.

Other features:

  • Input message:
    • Clean text: only supports URL, image URL, Youtube URL, GIF from GIPHY, upload imageinput_clean.thumb.png.05f831e6b20e9f819ba2fee6163f29a9.png
    • Editor: You can use full formatting from Editor: color, bold, size, emoticons... and all Editor's plugins. input_editor.thumb.png.929d8211d080f32f7c220d4827f1d310.png
  • Many stylish designs available:
    • 5 skins: skins.png.4b64bf3bae849c146d28824f90168942.png
    • 3 styles for messages:
      • Standard style_standard.png.b46a7bb31861a98c55680f377e15195b.png
      • Bubbles style_bubles.png.d9f5c9f7ec9c5169d271e3ed33c2b492.png
      • Condensed style_condensed.png.e924d5216c91bf018a756ea3a277167e.png
  • Donation & SuperChat (requires IPS Commerce) *NEW*
    • Allow users to donate directly in the room. 
    • After making a payment, the message will be highlighted in a different color.
    • Ability to select permission for who can donate.
    • Select a donation goal from Commerce.
    • Easy to setup the color for SuperChat based on the donation amount.
    • Sending system notification when someone donates to the room.

Screenshot_22.thumb.png.829a13acf5f240d9faae7ea1a4019005.png  Screenshot_23.thumb.png.c3f00b5595c5392c9149fe5b3adabd69.png  Screenshot_24.png.9c929be0a3424e259760aa488a0ca8d6.png

  • Tools for admin:
    • Delete all system messages
    • Delete all room's messages
    • Delete all conversation
    • Import messages from the Chatbox FREE
  • Extra features:
    • Supports playing a song from Musicbox
    • Report center integration allows users to report bad massages.
    • Auto loads old messages when scrolling down (or up).
    • Highlight the message row if someone mentions you.
    • Flood control, max messages, limit characters, sorting messages...
    • Display number of online users in Chat menu.
    • Display counter of characters when typing message. *NEW*
    • Support IPS Link Filter for disallowed/allowed links. *NEW*
    • Ignored Users.
    • Lazy load images.
    • Fully responsive.


Edited by onlyME

What's New in Version 2.7.1   See changelog


- New option to select rooms to count users in Chat menu.
- Fixes:

  • Emoji problems.
  • JS errors after deleting user group.

Support: via Private Message

Settings: Admin CP -> Community -> Chatbox+ -> Settings

User Feedback

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Rex Torres

· Edited by Rex Torres

   1 of 5 members found this review helpful 1 / 5 members

Has anyone even gotten this thing to display, at all? I spent hours tweaking this thing and so far nothing... nada. This is going to become a weekend project. It won't even come up no matter what page I place the widget on. This is beginning to look like I just made a $34 donation to the developer because this app is DOA for me. I can't even get it to display. 

UPDATE: After a late, long night and a busy day doing other things, I got an email from the Developer, who was very eager and willing to help me get the app to work on my forum. I ended up sending me about a dozen or so screenshots as he walked me through the process of running the Support screen on the administration control panel, checking the system log, submitting some error messages, which showed that some files were missing during my initial installation of the app, and then uninstalling and reinstalling the app on my forum. The app worked like a charm the second time around. The developer also showed me a video which showed me clearly how to use the widget to place the app on the home page of my forum, which is what I was trying to accomplish. He was patient enough to wait for me as I worked my through the process, until I was finally able to send him a screenshot of the working chatroom on my home page. 

THANK YOU to the developer for helping me out and for sticking with me to the end until I got it to work. I apologize for the bad review, which I amended above to 5 stars! 


Response from the author:


You need to go ACP > Community > Chatbox+ > Rooms to create a room first, then use the widget to display it.  If you don't know how to use, please PM me I will help you.


Link to review
Nigel Moore

   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

Hey @onlyME

We tried to register at https://ipsviet.com/register and have been waiting for the confirmation on our email but so far we have not received nay yet. So we are posting our issues here.

We noticed lately when we installed Chatbox+ on our Invision Community site and we are getting this CSRF error.

This happens when our team are using their admin accounts when would encounter this popup message about 10-15 times already. It never happens when clicking on a page, but seems to be there on pages when going back to them.

We haven't pinpointed an exact feature being used when it happens as it hasn't happened only so often (only when going back to tabs).

We are using Invision Community version 4.5.4 if that helps.

Rally of Team Tribe
(of Nigel's Team)



Response from the author:


Please try to clear browser cache. If it still doesn't work, PM me in this site. I don't support in other sites because I have no way to know who purchased my apps.



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   0 of 1 member found this review helpful 0 / 1 member

Coded with <HEART>? 100% YES. Best Support. Great application from the "Must have" series. In addition, constantly developed with new features. I would recommend!

Link to review

· Edited by CaptJeff

   0 of 5 members found this review helpful 0 / 5 members

It says that there is an update available.  OK??  Where, How, What do I do?  I click on the link "Update available" and it brings me here to this page.  Now what?  I do not see a link for update?  What should I do?  Do I need to download to my desktop then upload to my CP?  Sorry I am so stupid but go ahead and guess what I am thinking?  You can not and neither can I guess what you want me to do?



Ok.  Came back here and downloaded the file by clicking the Download link at the top.  Then opend the file and saved the tar file.  Then went back to the CP and clicked on Upload New version.  and I got " YOu do not have permissions to do this"

So,  Yep,  I am frustrated.  Why bother even telling me that there is a newer version available when it is not really available.  ????  Totally confused.


Response from the author:


I can not reproduce the problem. Your admin account may have restrictions to upgrade applications.

Please check your PM, I'm waiting for your response to help you resolve the problem.

Link to review
Mark Dawson


After the update yesterday, the Chatbox won't show up? Do I miss something?

Response from the author:


It's a known bug, new version is pending. Please PM me to fix it quickly.

Link to review

· Edited by Interferon


My users LOVE it! I have basically all features disabled and I am just using this as a block on the main forum sidepanel. It works better than status updates and gives users a quick / casual way to say something without it being written in stone forever. It works much better than the "status updates" block IPB comes with.

The appearance definitely fits into our site better than the free version, and that alone makes this worth buying.

I suggest adding an option to disable the giant emoticon button, since even that can cause some page scrolling issues.

It would also be nice if users could delete their own messages. I think this could help people feel less reluctant to write something, if they can easily delete it at any time.

Response from the author:


It would also be nice if users could delete their own messages. I think this could help people feel less reluctant to write something, if they can easily delete it at any time.

Please edit the user group > Content > Deleting > Can delete own content?

Link to review


install was quick and configuration very easy.  I've have absolutely no issues at all with this product.  I used a couple of different chat rooms over the years when my site was VBulletin based.  This one is missing a couple of features that my members really liked.  A major one is a list of WHO is in chat.  Not just how many.  The other is very minor and just sort of a fun feature but the ability to send random sounds.  They had a lot of fun with that.  Sounds could added via the Admin CP.  

In spite of missing those couple of things, I am very happy with the product and have no regrets with my purchase.  I

Link to review

Good idea! i've install this on my gamer forum, and get a good results ... but after 3 month, i've remove it. All new members prefer to ask on chatbox then ask on topic area.

Now i moved all 'chat' to oficial discord. Maybe i use this plugin in another project.

Link to review

Hello, why my members can't turn off the chat sound in the private member chat? I also noticed that even if It turned it off, it still doesn't turn off. Overall, great app for my forums and my members are happy. It's just that that's annoying to keep hearing the sound even when we try to turn it off.

Link to review


Is it possible to make it whereby you press shift+enter to start a new line when chatting? 

Response from the author:


PM me for new idea or bugs.

Link to review
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