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Stratagem[I'mBackSale] 3.1.0

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As some of you know, last year I was attacked by a cat and was severely wounded by it. it required a lengthy hospital stay and 3 surgery's due to infection. Its been a long road to recovery, but my wound has finally healed, and to celebrate, I'm having a "I'm back" sale! enjoy!

Don't forget to to check out the websocket packages for stratagem 2.0.0 to unlock the full potential of your community:


Screenshots (as there seems to be a limit on screenshots in the market)

Guide on how to setup socket.io to enable sockets in stratagem 2.0.0

Stratagem is the next-gen project management app for Invision Community, based on the concept of kanban. Plan, manage, and deliver community projects directly from your Invision Community with the project management app Stratagem.

  • Manage – Implement the project of your dreams using the project management tool set of Stratagem. Create unlimited projects with their own unique workflows. Move issues as they get resolved, or remove them into the special Trash Can.
  • Collaborate – Add users to the project team, assign tasks to team members, and watch real-time updates happen as a team member updates a card or column.
  • Automate – Use the built-in automation tools to auto-update issues when they move into a new stage of the project, by either assigning a new due date or assigning a new status.
  • Control – Define the project leader to spearhead the project, manage the members, or restrict access to certain development stages.

Use Stratagem to plan your next community project, organize a user meetup, implement site feedback, or launch a new initiative. It can also be used for lists, comparisons, or any other form of visual organization.


Kanban is a visual approach to project management for incremental and continuous improvements. The emphasis is on continual delivery of small items without overburdening the development team. Kanban is a process designed to help teams work together more effectively, by allowing your team members to pick and choose the issues they would like to develop next. The Japanese pioneered the process of kanban for industrial management at Toyota.

The visual design is similar to a whiteboard where users can move cards to show progress (kanban translates to “visual card” in Japanese).



Create unlimited projects for online or offline initiatives, each with their own unique workflow, steps, and issues. The app features:

  • Projects - Create unlimited projects with their own unique workflows, teams and settings.
  • Teams - Give individual or groups (if nexus is installed, you can make teams based on packages from nexus). With teams you can customize each teams permissions/features they have access to the project.
  • Copying - copy projects/columns or cards.
  • Filters - Filter out cards based on several criteria.
  • Columns - organize your projects by columns, each column can represents a step in the process.
  • Cards - Create cards for your task. each card can be progressed and/or resolved.
  • Drag & Drop - almost every aspect of stratagem is based around drag and dropping.
  • Live Collaboration - Columns and cards will periodically update with the need for refreshing, or you can use node.js with socket.io to enable real time updating. as other members of your team create new cards and/or reorder cards, the changes will reflect on all who are connected.
  • Archive - Completed/Discarded cards can be sent to the archive for later reference/recycling in the future.
  • Time/Monetary Tracking  - track time on cards, and calculate cost for each card.
  • Budgeting - setup a budget for the project, and watch its progress thru stats & charts.
  • Stats & Charts - Shows progress of a project.
  • History - check the projects history as a hole or per card.
  • Card Colors - have cards automatically create a color, or limit the colors selection in project settings. each card's color can be changed.
  • Card List - Create list on cards to mark off as you progress on a card.
  • Card Comments - leave comments on cards.
  • Card Voting/Rating - select between a thumbs up/down or star rating for voting/rating cards.
  • Card Styles - 2 different card styles to choose from.
  • Due dates - set a due date for a project and cards. 
  • IPS Calendar Integration - stratagem will integrate with IPS calendar, showing project/card due dates as events.
  • Column Colors - auto color backgrounds of columns or select 
  • Column Automation - Automate certain task for columns, to add/remove badges, assign team members to cards, complete or remove complete status from cards, automatically change card color.
  • Column Restrictions - White list columns to be used by only a one or a handful of team members. this will limit everyones access to a column except the whitelisted members and project manager.
  • Project Locking - Lock a project to prevent further work to be done on it, other than the project manager.
  • Private Projects - hide projects to users who are not team members of the project.
  • Project Clubs - open up project management to clubs.
  • Project Badges - create badges specifically to be used in project.
  • Slack Integration - create a webhook for slack to send notifications to your slack channel.
  • Repository - hook your project up to github/bitbucket to import issues and to link git commits to cards.
  • 2Card - make a forum topic a card in a project. if you have downloads plus, you can 2card dplus reports to cards.
  • and much much more

Stratagem is beautifully visual with drag-and-drop ordering. Stratagem is beautifully simple, with a design that any member can immediately figure out. Stratagem is beautifully powerful, with workflows and badges that can be custom built to your needs.


Edited by CodingJungle

What's New in Version 3.1.0   See changelog


compatibility updates

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This purchase entitles you to use on 1 IPS Live installation and 1 dev installation locked out from the public. 


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   8 of 8 members found this review helpful 8 / 8 members

I wasn't exactly LOOKING for this app but I will say having a trello type thing on my site is such a god-send you have no idea. Instead of having to manage a trello and a site it's all in one and I don't have to make my volunteer staff go to a million places to to deal with my level of crazy.

One of my favorite things is that @CodingJungle has been really accepting of feedback and ideas as well as getting bugs fixed in a timely manner. From stats to assignments this is quickly becoming one of my fave 3rd party apps out of the box. My staff love it and I'm able to better organize tasks so that they are easily found instead of a massive (seemingly unending) list in a topic. It gives my staff a sense of accomplishment to see that their card(s) are completed.

Heck, I've even moved my bug tracker to this so that it's easier to manage based on my staff groups.

If you like to be organized and would prefer people don't leave your site or have people that simply don't like to leave your site this is a great way to coordinate projects, get some of your to-do lists out of a thread and actually get some people completing them. I have to say, since I implemented this I've already seen an increase in completed tasks by my staff just because they can see their progress.

Thanks for this!!

Response from the author:

Thanks for the positive review 🙂 

You have been an extreme help with the development of this app, almost to the point, I probably should've put you on my payroll by now 😛 

but any way, I'm always excited to hear and see what people use my apps for, and i definitely like it when they enjoy them. 


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Jimi Wikman

   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

I have been looking for a planning app for quite a while and while I checked out Stratagem a while ago I did not like the look of it. As I plan to do some upgrades now with Invision Community 4.5 around the corner I figured I would give it a go.

Now I am considered and Expert on task management tools like Jira, Trello and even Microsoft Planner as I work extensivey with these types of tools as an IT Consultant. I even design work processes and educate large international companies in how to use these type of tools efficently. I did not expect much from Stratagem, but I was totally wrong.

This is an amazing product with a ton of potential and I really, really like it's powerful features.

There are a few things here and there I think can be improved upon even further, but out of the box this cover all my bases for a top of the line Kanban task management and planning tool.

Stratagem is simply amazing.


ps. If you are conscerned over the colors in the screenshots, don't be. This looks stunning and you have an almost unlimited flexibility. This is why the screenshots look like rainbows I assume 🙂


Response from the author:

The idea behind a kanban is post it notes on a whiteboard and post it notes come in all sorts of color, why the default setting is cards of randomly generated colors :) (hence why the default/screenshots look like a rainbow) but as you found out you can change the this functionality or even select the color combos yourself :) 

enjoy the product. 

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

I love Stratagem. This type of plugin is well overdue and its pricepoint is a little high, but worth it.

I'd give this plugin 5 stars if I could add individual people to a CARD, where that individual could only see the card they are assigned to and not the entire board.

The ability to add a individual to a CARD instead of the TEAM would....

  • Give Managers the ability to bring individuals into a project for a nuanced job, that doesnt require that they see the entire project.
  • Allow Managers to create a more broad scoped Project without cluttering the eyes of my team with cards that they would have no input in.
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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

I have tried various ways to project manage my site, however, I have found them all to be lacking features. One popular IPS Market Place third-party app is more suited towards bug testing than actual management of a sites content.

Stratagem comes with everything that can get people started.

Assigning projects is very easy, the system is designed very straight forward but is actually very powerful.

The design is nice, having cards makes it easier to manage the flow of ideas and, of course the actual projects. This even works nicely with handheld devices, as I can easily add items via my phone which is awesome.

Some may want every feature that some mainstream project management tools have, however, these things have been in the work for years and have a lot of people working on them.

This said, it shouldn't take anything anyway from the application.

It features everything you would need to project manage your IPS site, with improvements coming. I have suggested various things, such as a calendar to overview everything and I found @CodingJungle to be very responsive. This type of hands on comes beyond any expectations, which should encourage others to see this as a project itself and that the application will improve greatly with time.

Why does anyone need this application?

The better organised you are, the more time you can spend doing the important things. Sites, even seen as a hobby should encourage team members to be hands on with the running of the site. It spreads care and appreciation, lightens the load and allows you to be hands on with the running of content.

I'm buzzing about the future updates.

Seriously, take the plunge and organise your site/team members to be spot on with the running of your own community.


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Cowboy Denny

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

The upgrade to 1.3.0 are so nice.  LOVE LOVE the ability to have projects in the clubs.  My only complaint from users is they are looking for a menu items called Projects..  I'm trying to train them to know that projects for our site is Stratagem but its an uphill battle.  Would be great if we could rename the menu item but leave the copyright/branding in place but seriously, great job with this release.  So far so good.

Response from the author:

Hello Dj,

You can change the language string 'frontnavigation_stratagem' to whatever you want in your ACP->Customization->Languages to change the menu items name. 

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Great and powerful plugin, very versatile in what you can do and how it can look. If it looks ugly, its on you! 🙂

I would give 4.5 start because of some minor visual bugs, otherwise its a solid plugin which can transform your workflows inside the forums, depending on what you need.

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· Edited by Morpheusxeno

   6 of 10 members found this review helpful 6 / 10 members

Needs many more customization to be made to fit into the forum board theme. Until these changes are made, it simply looks like youre using an iframe to embed a kanaban board. I recommend against the purchase of this product until the developer makes these changes. When these changes are made I will revise my rating. I am basing my ratings off of my wekan and Trello experiences. Ive been using both Wekan and Trello for years with projects that have over 500+ cards and 10+ users. 

Pros and cons which are in bold are extremely important to me.

The Pros :

  • The integration within the board is absolutely fantastic.
  • Use of the WYSIWYG Editor is a huge plus.
  • Card history is available directly on the card.
  • Easy to assign users to cards, easy to tag cards.
  • What settings do exist are straight forward. It makes it easy to change settings through the project manager.
  • Due date for the entire board is a nice feature.
  • The individual permissions for each specific type of team member is REALLY nice. You did a great job implementing that.

The Cons:

  • Cannot change the color of the headers in each lane
  • ipsclearfocus.ui bug ( should be entirely transparent )
  • Cant see the text in the cards on some themes.
  • Some features dont need to exist, an example of this would be the BIU bar when making cards 
  • Cannot easily delete / archive a card. There are no buttons for it?
  • No global setting exists for setting the color of the text in cards, which on some themes makes the card appear as a white box.
  • Clicking and holding to edit a title of a card is time consuming and should just be a quick edit to a title.
  • I believe in supporting developers, I did so with my money, Branding of the plugin should be optional. Or clearly state your project is branded in the bottom right. Also it's 2019, If you're going to brand it put the proper year at least. 
  • The plugin is not responsive. When a page is not so wide, a scroll bar simply appears to move between the lanes. 
  • When only one project exists, Dont send the user directly to the "splash" screen where multiple projects can be selected.
  • No option to change the picture of the project.
  • Make it easier to select what user groups can use the board through IPS, The selection making the board private is not enough.
  • No web hook support, When a specific event happens on the application, A message could be sent to slack or discord.

All in all , I think you're off to a fantastic start with your plugin, after these changes are made I will be more than happy to use it publically on my forum. Until then., I must continue to use Trello. I fully believe you're able to make these changes and earn a 5 star review from me. I currently rate this application as a 2 star because with these issues its not graphically appealing to use this on my website. First impressions are extremely important when developing software for clients. The appearance of this plugin is a huge turn off.


Response from the author:

If you have suggestions for the app, you can leave them here:


or in the support topic:


I do consider all request/suggestions, however there is no promise if or when a feature will be added.

several of your "cons" have been address in the latest version, and i believe i have helped you out quite a bit in PM on styling already.  several of the cons, seem to be a misunderstanding of some of the features (maybe an assumption this is a clone of another service, which its not meant to be. its ultimate goal is to offer features of kanban, but one that is my own take on it). If you like, i can send you a PM with details on which of the cons i believe are a misunderstanding and not an actual bug or issue with the way the app was designed to be. 



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Just bought this and thought it would be compatible with IPS 4.7.x as stated in the description. I'm running latest IPS version (4.7.6) and this application is not compatible with this version: 

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