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Social Search 5.2

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  • Track and display guest and member searches throughout your community!
  • Two front-side widgets! Display recent searches, Display Popular Search Terms (90/30/7 Day tabs)
  • Optional block on search results page displays the same!
  • Search Wall! Menu add-able custom page showing up to 1000 of your communities most recent searches. Text or configurable colored tag blocks!
  • ACP Dashboard widget graphing last 90 days of search activity, guest/member search ratios, and more.
  • ACP Search Ledger! All those stored searches. Browsable and terms are quick-searchable!
  • ACP Statistics! Term, word, and tag use tracked over 90, 30, and 7 day periods! Know what your users are looking for right now!
  • Filters to prevent bots from infesting your saved searches!
  • Version 5 includes My Recent Searches member-only features and it still doesn't directly store their searches!
  • Version 5 adds geolocation!


ATTN: Now that IPS is building in search tracking into the 4.5 series there is no longer any real incentive to further develop this. Sorry guys. I will of course ensure this is working with 4.5, I do use this stuff on my sites, but as far as new features go, it's absolutely not worth my time to invest in. Caviar Emperor and so on... Small possibility I spin off secondary features to work with the new 4.5 search tracking but, again, I'll be at the mercy of IPS knee-capping anything I do with their own widgets, and pages, and so on.


Tracking consists of recording every search made via the quicksearch box (usually located in the main menu) or via the advanced search form. Unintentional searches such as redirects to search results pages via login/logout, visiting member profile pages, or viewing streams are excluded.

Since this application has a substantial front-end presence every search is run through the profanity filters as a safety precaution (regardless if you are using them or not - if you haven't configured them, then nothing will be found of course and all continues onward). Searches that trigger this are discarded from being recorded but will continue to work for the user of course.

For the time being, only whether a guest or a member has made the search is stored. I'm... not necessarily against tracking member searches and associating them with members, it's a trivial thing of course... just that I'd rather hear some thoughts on the matter before hand from end users and site admins. Customs always available regardless. Just ask.

Directly stored are timestamp, term searched for, tags searched for, author searched for, and vs. or search, titles only or everything, the complete search URL sent, and guest or member status, ip addresses for guests - not members, user agent strings, and geolocation data  - minus any provided addresses. Note that storing the complete URL means regardless of whether I stored those bits of information separately in the database, the search remains "intact" and complete with those additional variables good to go!

Your site users via the widget, search wall, and search block on the advanced search page, will now be able to see the last x-amount of searches and run them themselves with just a click!

The links on the front end for each individual search display the complete search term, any tags searched for, and any single author the search was limited to. They can be configured to display as just text or with a randomly chosen (but shape-able randomness via your settings choices) background color:



Front Side Widgets:

frontwidget.PNG.497c03f79bb56683e354101fc802b76d.PNG     poptermswidget.png.e12bd8dc1ec40e5287f997d7e39cb0d0.png

The above just with simple term searches. Widget displays just text links. I tried colored blocks but it got a bit busy so removed for now. By request, Version 3 adds a popular search terms widget. Note that the data behind this is ran via task, and that updates every 10 minutes. New installs and upgraders will either need to manually run the task to populate the widget with data or wait at least ten minutes for the task to run. Keep in mind popular terms needs two or more matching instances to be counted.


Advanced Search/Results Page Block:


Just text here as well. Colored tags distracts from actual page content. This can be above the search term line or below. This block and the front widget are data-buffered via a task that runs every few minutes so you will not get a performance hit on busy sites - the searches displayed will be a few minutes back of course as a result.


Search Wall:


Don't mind the colors too much. This is all configurable in the ACP including limiting the random color generator to limit itself to just a few colors so you can better match your site/brand colors. Plain text available as well of course. This page is entirely optional. After installation, just go to your ACP menu manager and add it to your site menu to make it available. Or not. Data here is a live, up-to-the-moment view, not cached. Don't mind the spam, I had to generate a lot of searches for testing :). And seriously, you can craft the color blocks - ignore the clown car above. You can roll with grayscale, or blue shades, or blue AND gray shades, etc... We can also get better iteration on this in future releases.


Dashboard Widget:


90-day graph, guest to member ratio (or percentage if you like). 90 day search-per-day average, and today's count (90 day graph does NOT include the current day's searches). That and a handful of recent searches for you to run if you like (not displayed in this image). This data is live generated.


Search Ledger:


Feel free to browse via the ACP all your stored searches! In settings you control how long the searches are stored for. From 90 days back to forever! Options to remove searches from the database if needed along with a detail view right there on the right side.




Terms, words, and tags all collated and broken down into member, guest, and all counts in addition to 90/30/7 day periods! You now know at a glance what your community is looking for!

See support topic for further discussion on this. 


My Recent Searches:

Members will automatically have up to their last five searches stored via cookies on their device, along with a derpy counter of the number of searches they have made. This is entirely device-side. Button provided for them to wipe the cookies and start over again included. If they search for the same thing (case insensitive) and it was pervious one of the stored five searches, the older one is removed in favor of the recent one. Simple, fun user enhancement. WIll have more features later on.


Version 5 has quite a few changes, please read the support topic.


$30 and $10 every 6 months. Feel free to skip renews unless you need any new features or bug fixes, but also feel free to keep hitting those renews - always nice to be appreciated!

What's New in Version 5.2   See changelog


  • 5.1 Quick addition of a scaled text popular searches block to the results page - option in settings.
  • 5.1 Adjusted margins for searches displayed on Search Wall
  • 5.2 Added widget for scaled popular search terms
  • 5.2 Added configurable number of scaled popular search terms to widget and block

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Works great, no issues with the install or usage.

I have a pages heavy site with around 20 separate databases and each one consisting of thousands and thousands of records. We have a lot of content already but I was curious about trending searches and what people were searching for over all. Plus I wanted to find things people were searching for that we did not have in our databases already so we could work on adding the content.

It has been a great help already so far, and I have not had it that long yet!

Response from the author:

Cool! I've already pushed onto v2 which will include a statistics page in the ACP showing most searched words, most searched terms, most searched tags, etc. Should release fairly soon.

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