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TeamSpeak Integration 1.0.29

$29.99 · Renewal Term: $15.00 per 6 months

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About This File

Works with select Cloud Hosting providers!

Integrate a TeamSpeak server with your community


  • Display members TeamSpeak status on their profile.
    • Caching available for this feature.
  • Send global messages to TeamSpeak clients.
  • Automatically synch TeamSpeak server groups using both Profile Fields and Member Groups.
  • Integrate a TSViewer as a widget.
  • Multiple UUIDs for members.
  • TeamSpeak Ban/Unban from within ACP.
  • Edit the TeamSpeak Server information from within ACP.
  • Manage member UUIDs from within ACP.
  • Create and Restore (from) Server Snapshots containing current settings, groups and known client identities from within ACP.
  • Synch forum bans with TeamSpeak bans (When a member is banned on the forums, they will be banned on the TeamSpeak as well)
  • Option to require a TeamSpeak UUID in order to use the forum
  • Option to display a TeamSpeak UUID on the registration form.
  • Support for Cloud instances of ICS.

Coming Soon

  • Integrate Reputation into the TeamSpeak Server
  • TeamSpeak 5 Integration (once it's out)
  • More events that trigger a group synch for a member so that they are always up to date


  • Using with a Cloud Server
    • It is not guaranteed that this application will work with ALL cloud service providers. Some have strict rules around firewalls.
      Your service provider must issue you a consistent public facing static IP address and have the ability to open outbound ports.


      • Known Versions of Cloud Hosting that are not supported:
        1. Invision Community Cloud Hosting
    • In order to use this application with the cloud version of IPS, you need to follow these steps.
      1. Gather information:
        • Get your forum IP address
          • This is generally easiest by just pinging your forums (i.e. `ping myforums.com`)
        • For this example we will assume that the IP of your forums is
        • We will also assume that your teamspeak server IP is
        • We will also assume that your teamspeak query admin port is 10011
      2. Choose an outbound port to use (for this example we will use 9664)
      3. Contact your hosting provider and ask them to unblock the following:
        • Outbound from to
      4. Open Connection Settings in ACP and configure the following.
        • Bind Address with the IP of your forums.
        • Bind Port with the outbound port you have selected.
      5. You should now be able to communicate with your TeamSpeak server.
  • Application Tasks
    • It is highly recommended that under System->Settings->Advanced Configuration you enable either `Use Cron` or `Use Web Service` for the Task Method and set it up as instructed. This way, your Tasks are not relying on traffic to your site.
  • Adding your TeamSpeak UUID
    • Members can add their TeamSpeak UUIDs by going to their member menu on the top right, and clicking 'Account Settings'. Their TeamSpeak UUIDs can be found under the 'TeamSpeak Settings' tab.
      • Alternately, you can add this to the registration form.

Additional Information

You can access the TeamSpeak Query Admin class from anywhere using the following code.

// Connect to the TeamSpeak Server
// (
//   If a connection has already been established
//   during this PHP execution session, the current
//   connection will be used instead of a new one.
// )
if (! \IPS\ts3integration\TsAdmin\TsAdmin::connectIPS()) {
    $tsError = \IPS\ts3integration\TsAdmin\TsAdmin::$tsError;

// Example

(See http://ts3admin.info/manual/classts3admin.html for documentation)


Discussion Topic:

What's New in Version 1.0.29   See changelog


Change Log:

  1. Added support for cloud instances through address/port binding.

User Feedback

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

My community purchased and downloaded this modification shortly before the last update to it because we saw that it would be extremely beneficial for us.  At first the modification didn't work as expected but I applaud MrFisc for his quick responses and action in getting the issues I was having resolved!  The last update has made this modification a very good option for communities running a TS3 server and desire to automate some things. I recommend this modification and this developer to anyone!

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Great application, especially for gaming communities who are looking to automate connectivity between their site and teamspeak, It is much easier to be able to just change the groups on the forums and have it automatically changed on the TeamSpeak - but also allowing custom profile fields (like games played) automatically update on TS as additional tags is amazing. And linking forum users with UUID's on TS improves security as well. 

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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

Works on a shared host!!!  This is big...many small guilds are faced with nickel and diming already, so having an app that requires a dedicated host really hinders the little guy.  Still priced a little high for my tastes, its worth it to me.  

Plus, the developer is hands on all the way.  Responds quickly, very help and from what I have read listens to his buyers.

I highly recommend this app, and it's only going to get better.

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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

Amazing application! I did have an issue with the group association but, the fast and thorough response not only resolved my issue but, made me feel that it was money well spent. Thank you for all the help!

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