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Menu Groups Manager 3.0.0


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Menu Groups Manager, is a spiritual successor to CJ Menu. This menu manager offers a wide range of abilities and features, not found in the default IPS menu manager. You will have the ability to create unlimited groups, use them in a widget, hooks or in one of the 5 predefined locations.

Note: if you are a CJ Menu owner, you can claim for a limited time a free copy of MGM, please contact me .


  • Multiple menu groups
  • Several menu types to choose from (drawer, URL, applications, wrapper and magic block)
  • multi-tiered sub menus
  • two sub menus types: traditonal and mega
  • On IPS applications that support Categories (like forums and downloads) have the ability to attach these Categories as sub menus. (this feature can be extended to third parties apps thru MGM's extension, several 3rd parties apps already support, Babble, Downloads Plus out of the box).
  • Optional replacement of IPS default menu*.
  • custom permissions or use application permissions.
  • custom icons or use of font awesome icons for menus.
  • Magic Blocks: allows you to create customized submenus, allows use of HTML/IPS Template logic/PHP/Javascript/etc. the only real limit is the imagination going into it.
  • minimal style: the style is made to look acceptable on the IPS default them, but the styling is kept to minimal for easier styling into any theme.

* MGM will attempt to remove the IPS default menu navigation, this isn't always a guarantee due to difference in theme design, as long as the them is similar to the default theme in the menu area, this feature should work, refunds will not be issued based on this reason alone, if the theme is incompatible with this feature. I do offer additional paid support for this, please inquire in PM if you desire this. limited theme support is available (as i am not a themer, i can help to the best of my ability).

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What's New in Version 3.0.0   See changelog


  • fixed issue with hover behavior, where if you moved to fast between menu items, it would stop opening the menus.
  • updated the cache method, where before i had a custom cache class, to build the data for the cache, but with changes over the years with IPS nodes, was able to move it over to that.
  • fixed a few bugs with some settings from groups and menus not working.
  • removed "wrapper" menu type. this was a hold over from my joomla/mambo days, a feature i use to use on some private sites of mine years ago, but with so many sites that block this sort of thing now due to cross site attacks/spoofing, i just felt it was no longer a feature to maintain. upon upgrade any wrapper types will be converted to url types.
  • fixed some css funkiness.moved completely over to IPS theme settings for main nav, so it should now inherit the colors from there.
  • hopefully fixed preview, it wasn't working well for me at first, but now it seems to be working again.

new features:

there are a few, nothing that is gonna be earth shattering.

  • new click behavior called "alt click", instead of having to click on the arror, you can click on the menu item itself, it will clone itself and put itself as a sub menu item (so it can be clickable). this was a feature i removed from cj menu years ago for MGM, as it was something i thought i wanted. sorry its taken me this long to get around to adding it back in, i've kinda neglected MGM for a few years.
  • open in new tab/window menu setting. another feature removed i think from promenu, cause it was something that could be added via the attributes box, but that can get annoying. again sorry for taking so long to adding it back in. 
  • new MGM extension so other apps can add in the "attach" feature. this was something i had wrote an "api" for, cause at the time of development of cjmenu and MGM i didn't fully understand the IPS framework.
  • a couple new opening/closing effects for sub menus.

this wasn't a huge update, but it was one that was a long needed. i mostly updated the code for mgm, cleaned it up, fixed mistakes that were made from those early years of developing for IPS 4. again i'm sorry for having neglected this app for so m any years, i sorta lost steam on it cause of the inclusion of the IPS menu in the core, can't really compete with a internal thing like that, so it really destroyed motivation to maintain and add features to this app. 


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