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Lottery (Members Shop Add-On) 2.1.2

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Lottery is a add-on for Members Shop, It will allow your members to gamble their points on lotteries created by you in the ACP, You can create different categories to place a unlimited amount of lottery draws in.



  • Front End
    • Main lottery page shows a grid of all the enabled draws
      • Buy a lottery ticket
      • Shows the draw time
      • Click to view the possible payouts for matching 3, 4, 5 or 6 numbers
    • My tickets shows a grid of all your bought tickets
      • Shows your chosen numbers
      • Shows the draw date
      • If the draw is pending it will say it is pending
      • If the draw is complete it will ask you to claim the ticket
        • After you claimed your ticked it will pop up and say if you matched any numbers and if you did it will award you the points
      • If your ticket was a winner it will now show how many numbers you matched along with the amount you won
      • If you ticket was a losing one then it will say so
      • Shows a filter button so you can filter your tickets to chosen draws
    • Results page show a grid of the latest games that have been drawn
      • This is a small grid table showing 4 results with the ability to show more
        • Click a direct link to view all your tickets from the selected draw
        • Click to view the results of the draw ( Example, shows how many members have matched 3, 4, 5 or 6 numbers ) this will update once a member clicked the claim their ticket ( If they won obviously )
      • There is also another grid table below this showing the latest 4 members what have won on the lottery
        • Shows the users avatar along with their usergroup
        • Shows the amount of numbers they matched
        • Shows the amount they won on that ticket
    • Buying tickets
      • You can choose to either pick 6 numbers or get a lucky dip
  • ACP
    • Create lottery draws
    • Enter a name for the draw ( Example, Weekly Draw #1 )
    • Enter a starting jackpot to award the members who match 6 numbers
    • Enter the amount to award members if they match 5 numbers in the draw
    • Enter the amount to award members if they match 4 numbers in the draw
    • Enter the amount to award members if they match 3 numbers in the draw
    • Enter a draw time ( Members can not buy tickets after this time has passed )
    • Set the ticket prices
    • Choose to force a winner for the lottery draws
    • Choose the colours of the ball sets
    • Set a % of the tickets price to stack on the jackpot for each ticket bought ( Example, If a ticket costs 100 points and you set it to 90% then each ticket bought will add 90 points onto the jackpot's total )
    • Enter the amount of tickets each member can buy for the draw with a unlimited option ( This is good if you are going to offer some free draws )
    • Each draw has its own permission maxtix so you can select what user groups can either view or buy the tickets for each one
    • Choose to upload a image to place in the header of the main lottery page
    • Choose to enter some text using the built in IPS editor to place in the header on the main lottery page
    • Shows a table in the ACP listing all payouts from the draws
    • Select to post a topic once a draw is complete with the draws information
      • You can use a wide range of tags in the editor what will replace with information about the draw
    • If enabled, when a member claims a winning ticket a reply to the topic what was posted will be posted
      • Again you can use a wide range of tags in the editor what will be replaced with the winners information
    • All draws are set to be drawn automatically with-in 30 minutes of the time of the draw start date, ( if it is not manually drawn in the ACP that is )

How To Install

  1. Download the .tar file and navigate to ACP, applications and click to install then upload the downloaded .tar file
  2. The lottery tabs in the ACP are located in the members shop tabs
  3. Once setup go to the Menu Manager in the ACP and add the lottery tabs to where you want them place ( Either in their own menu or add them to the members shop menu like I did on the demo )

Edited by Adriano Faria

What's New in Version 2.1.2   See changelog


  • Compatible with IPS 4.7.3+

Author Terms & Conditions

1: Requirements

  • Members Shop app

2: General

  • Each purchase entitles you to use this resource in one IPS Community installation.
  • This resource is as it is: customization/modifications of any kind (code level and/or template edits) are not supported.
    • You are free to do it in your install but you're on your own; no support will be provided.
    • Feel free to send a private message If you still need it as a custom job

3: Before the Purchase

  • Use the support topic to make presales questions.
  • You can also request for a live demo.

4: Support

  • Support will be provided exclusively in the support topic. DO NOT send a private message for support. You may be ignored. All the history of support requests should be public just in case a refund for lack of support is requested.
  • This resource was developed and tested only in default theme by IPS. Support is provided only in default theme.

5: Refund Policy

  • No refund will be provided once the resource has been downloaded. Make sure you agree to item 3: Before the Purchase.

User Feedback

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· Edited by mrbowers

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Easy to use and great for video game items to hand out once a winner is found. 

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Great application so far, but there are a few issues:

  • ipsAreaBackground_light should be placed around the header text to ensure compatibility with all themes, especially IPSFocus themes. This is done in Member Shop already.
  • ipsAreaBackground_light should be placed around the header text to ensure compatibility with all themes, especially IPSFocus themes. This is done in Member Shop already.
  • On the "Draws" page, The header "lottery" is lowercase as if it hasn't been properly defined as a language string.

Also, it would be nice for an option to automatically schedule draws. For example, every x weeks, or x days, or x months.

Link to review
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