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Track Members 1.4.4

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Do you need to track the activities of specific members on your forum? Track Members will allow you to track the steps of any member as they interface with your forum and it is highly configurable to include settings for time frame and a multitude of trackable actions (Account Actions, Profile Actions, Messenger Actions, Content Actions). It also provides settings for automatic member tracking for members being warned as well as new members.


There are two Moderator permissions to use the application:

  • Can track members?
  • Can view logs from tracked members?


  • Account Actions
    • Sign In, Sign Out, Change password, Change email address, Update personal photo and Upload a cover photo
  • Profile Actions
    • Visit a profile, Follow/Unfollow a member, Ignore/Stop ignoring a member, Post a status update and Reply to a status update
  • Messenger Actions
    • Enable/Disable Messenger, Start a new conversation, Reply to a conversation and Left a conversation
  • Content Actions
    • Visit a content item,  Create new content item, Reply/comment on a content item, Review a content item, Respond to a review on a content item, React/Unreact to content items, replies/comments and reviews  and Follow/Unfollow content items/categories
  • Clubs
    • Create a club, Edit club settings, Feature/Unfeature a club, Invite members to a club and Request to join/join/leave a club.
  • Search
    • Use the search system. You will be able to know what your members are searching/looking for and thus make decisions regarding your content.


You can choose which setting will be enabled by default in Settings. Disabled settings will not appear to the moderator in the track popup.



Logs will be available on:

  • Admin CP module
  • App index
  • A tab in user profile

Only moderators with proper permisison will be able to view the logs



You can can track/stop tracking members from:

  • app index
  • member profile
  • member mini profile (hover link)
  • ACP member profile



  • Member History: it will be logged the moderator who started and stopped tracking the member
  • Moderator Log: it will be logged the member who is being tracked and also when stopped being tracking



  • Track all members from specific group for a defined number of days
  • Stop Tracking All Members
  • Prune Logs
  • Prune Orphaned Logs (logs from members currently not being tracked)



Several settings, such as:

  • Groups to be tracked
  • Flood time control
  • Number of log entries on App index and in ACP module
  • Trackable actions
  • Integration to Warn System: you can track a warned member for a specific number of days
  • New Members: you can track new members for a specific number of days
  • Prune trackings logs management
  • More...

Edited by Adriano Faria

What's New in Version 1.2.5   See changelog


  • Add the ability to increase/decrease (or set to Indefinitely) the tracking time when you're change tracking settings from a member

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   7 of 7 members found this review helpful 7 / 7 members

This is an awesome application for an Administrator to have in their forum toolbox! On small sites you can use it as an Admin only feature or on larger sites with a lot of Moderators you can open it up to them as well! Selecting Members to be tracked from the front end makes it real easy to use. I especially like the feature of optionally automatically tracking NEW Members for a specific amount of time! A lot of thought went into it's development and Adriano's support is priceless (as always)!

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   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

I have been using the Track Members app since Adriano first developed it for 3.x.   It has been an invaluable tool to me in many ways.

  • I track my Moderators.  Not to police them per say, but to see if I made a good choice.  Seeing their activity actually tells me a lot about what they spend their time doing on the site, as well as their moderator activities.
  • I track ALL new members for the first week.  I use the data that I receive from that tracking to make determinations regarding which site features need to be improved upon, based upon popularity.  In addition, I can send them a Club invitation based on the type of content they regularly view.
  • Problem Members are most definitely tracked indefinitely!  How many times have you gotten a report and it turned into a he-said/she-said scenario?  This log makes life easier in many of those cases.

Adriano has been a "goto" developer for me for years.  His plugins and apps have always been exemplary and he has written custom applications specifically to meet my needs.  You may not use Track Members every day, but you will be glad you have it when particular situations arise!

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Extremely useful application.

If you are being bothered by spammers or trolls then you will be very pleased to have this application installed.

It automatically tracks all new members for about three days but you can then set it to track other people permanently or for other defined periods if you want.

Here's a thread which I have just posted in which this tracking application was extremely helpful in understanding the problem of a Ukraine spammer


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Brainy S.

   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

The author was very responsive in fixing the club error that I reported and he released the 1.1.3 update. Now it's working great with 4.3.4.

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   1 of 5 members found this review helpful 1 / 5 members

I had this module installed for about two years and it worked well.  With the latest forum upgrade it didn't port over and the message from the migration process said the module didn't yet support PHP8.  So I went to Marketplace and sent a message to the developer asking if the module was going to be upgraded to support PHP8.  Instead of simply answering the question he gave me a repeated tongue lashing about not giving support over messages.  I did eventually find a thread where he does answer simple questions.  In the thread yes.  In the private messages, no.

The product is good, but the customer service is awful so I have canceled my renewal of it.

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