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[LEGACY 4.4 AND LOWER] Searchlight 4

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Vastly Improved version available for 4.5+. This is a legacy plugin left up for people on old versions to grab and will be removed from the MP in the immediate future.


Remember when clicked-through search results highlighted the search terms on the content pages themselves? Sure, we all do. And now, lo, those times have returned again.

  • Highlights search terms on the clicked-through-to content pages!
  • Customize the searchlight: background, font color, bold, all caps.
  • Wildcards supported!
  • Do you already have Kitchen Sink? Hey hey! I'm including this for free in KS!

Where do these things get highlighted?
Anywhere within #ipsLayout_mainArea. All the header stuff is avoided, the left/right sidebars are external to mainArea and the top/bottom sidebar areas have been CSS'd out.

Your code or...
Yep, but for the actual marking of results I'm using mark.js, an MIT licensed library. Support is wide ranging for all modern browsers. The latest builds are marked as failed for the bleeding edge Android and Safari browsers but those may be automated tests and not indicative of actual performance. Those mobile browsers are all marked as good-to-go for previous versions so even if there are problems on the bleeding edge stuff this is an actively maintained library and should get fixed up soon enough. That said, as mark.js goes, so goes this plugin, otherwise I'll need to code up the marking code myself (PS: I won't be doing that ? ). 

Really? Wildcard searches are supported?
Yep. If you search for monkey* and you get hits on the results page for monkeyshines, monkeyshines will be highlighted on the content page when you click through. You search terms are pushed through and then the js library itself will do the wildcard matching without me having to persuade Cold Outer Gods to parse the precise wildcard hits in the results list and push those through. No thanks.

JavaScript enabled, modern browser with local storage capability, and that's about it. Naturally, your IPS experience is... not pleasant if you disable JavaScript so this shouldn't be surprising. 

Those screenshots...
Those screenshots show the search results page so you can see what is found, and then what Searchlight does on the content itself once you click-through. I do NOTHING on the search results page as regards the appearance of those highlights. You'l also note that when you wildcard search, IPS does NOT highlight the search hits on the results page. That's them, not me.


  • Pages for guests are cached. When guests click through on a search result they will (probably) be served a cached page. That might be a problem (for them at least)
  • Non-Latin languages are only partially supported. Full Arabic/Cryllic/Etc. language support for the mark.js library will be included with version 9.0+ of mark.js. Current version is 8.x
  • Elasticsearch has the ability to do similar term matching. This plugin is working with what the user directly inputs as search terms. Naturally, those similar words will 99% of the time have one of the search terms somewhere within it so this really isn't a problem.
  • For V3 I've ditched anything to do with appending information to the url to both lighten this plugin and to get around a tricky FURL/Pages conflict. Since this now uses the referral url as a trigger if a user, when on a search results index page (list of search hits after searching for something) and then proceeds to NOT go to a search result page but instead goes somewhere else in the suite, if by chance any of their search terms happen to be on any of those pages they will get highlighted. I've exceptioned some structures out of highlighting (like widgets and so on) with version 3 and version 4 exceptions out application index pages and member profiles.

Edited by All Astronauts

What's New in Version 4   See changelog


  • 4.4 compatibility sweep. This version still compat. with 4.3 btw.
  • Exceptioned out app index pages and member profiles from highlighting.

Support for Searchlight is in the Kitchen Sink Support Topic

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