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(DP45) Single Use License Keys

$25 · Renewal Term: $10/year

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Commerce will generate a licence key upon a purchase whereas Single Use License Keys app can pre-generate a key "ready to use" either with or without a sale item.


A new product (or editing an existing one) via Commerce app and choose to use the Single Use License Keys licence method. The next step is to view the Single Use License Keys application itself and select 'Import Keys' and the product. You then add the keys (copy/paste recommended) and click to complete. Single Use License Keys will then adjust the stock levels to ensure that a client cannot purchase the product if there are no licence keys available for it.


The overview page in the Single Use License Keys application will let you see the total number of keys that have been already issued and any remaining (free) keys. You can also from this page choose a product and examine its key status too.


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What's New in Version   See changelog


  • fixed issue with importing keys in the ACP,
  • fixed double keys generating.

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· Edited by MegaBoosting

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Flawless work.
The only thing that would make this 5-stars is the ability to add keys to customer/user accounts (without an actual purchase).
I'd love to add some license keys to my users if they didn't originally purchase from our online store via IPS.

Response from the author:


it's out of scope of how this app working and how licence system is build in Commerce app from IPS. Their require purchase - make by member or manually generated in the ACP by an admin.

Please review your stars to 5/5 if you don't mind.

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Definitely living up to its purposes 😉

Response from the author:

Thanks for your kind words! 🙂

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Pretty useful plugin, could use some additional features but still, very nice addition to your forum.

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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

This is very good. I would recommend this plugin for any digital-code selling website. 

The developer replys to pm quickly if you got a problem with the plugin and provides great service. 

5/5 hands down

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   2 of 4 members found this review helpful 2 / 4 members

dude im not sure if its working or not staff told me we cant acceess ftp s so just make simple installation please i bought ur product and cant use it il wait for ur update please, best regards just make app work without ftp upload

Response from the author:

It was resolved via PM system. Client was informed about everything and works well.

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Earnestinence Marguerite

· Edited by Earnestinence Marguerite

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(If you do not plan to request modifications for this app, then ignore this review and keep scrolling)


Excellent work, but you might wonder why I rated it two stars? Well.. that's because when I reached them for simple modification I stunned when I got a reply from them.

This app works perfectly as described, but I needed it to be generated and linked to an external database, and add couple more columns in the table, which is relativity easy to accomplish. They even admitted that my request is possible to achieve, however I was surprised by the price they offered for those simple modifications... which was 1350$.. I have limited experience in coding, but I'm a 100% sure my request was very simple and doesn't consume a lot of time. Why and how do I know that? you might ask? Because I've requested even more complicated stuff and it was done in a no time such as two nights, and it didn't even cost me more than 100 ~ 150$..  


I know this might seem unfair review to some, but I want to shed light to people who might purchase this in hope they could request some modifications.

To who might purchase this app, while this review is rated considerably low, please do not take it as a helpful review if you do not plan to request modifications, because otherwise... this app works as described.

Best of luck,


Response from the author:

Wooo, "very nice" that you showed our private conversation. Maybe something is easy to "write" but custom work, support, maintenance, upgrades COST.

It's very bad practice to show private conversations....


P.s. "everything is fine" with my app, work as intended but review author isn't happy with my price and my conditions (you aren't forced to work with me) and giving 1 star. It's unprofessional.

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Damien Urlich

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Well. all in one its a great plugin. but as soon as you deal with Region Restriction for Game Keys for example its not usable unless you create a new Product for every Region like Europe, Asia and stuff. it doesent work with "Use different stock levels and prices depending on custom field values."

so we cant use this Pluggin anymore because this would get us in more trouble ( users cannot activate keys if the key is for a diferent region.

also if you have a Game with Diferent Version ( Standard, Gold or Ultimate Edition you are forced to create new Products as well for each game and this would be to much. i mean this leads into create a New Categorie for each game to contain all the versions and Regions in it.


If you dont need to deal with Region Locks or Diferent Version this Plugin is fine to use but for me it definetly has to little features.

Right now its basicly just a database that contains all the keys of the individual Products. i could use Excel for it an Ship the keys Manualy.

Response from the author:

So you didn'tread how this app works - I never told that it would work with stocks etc. I write more - even IPS won't work in this way! You should not rate it so poor then.

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This application has a memory leak which infinitely creates invoices and eventually crashes the forum. This needs to be fixed.


Response from the author:

Describe me steps to reproduce this issue on my end. I (nor my clients) never notices anything like that.

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· Edited by SULINK

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Thanks. Look PM


Response from the author:

Beta 1 and you adding such revision? Why you didnt pmed me before!?

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