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Sound Board 7.1.0

$20 · Renewal Term: $8/6 months

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Sound Board is no longer in development. IPS recently removed notification sound capabilities and the October 2021 release will natively support playing audio attachments in your browser. That pretty much ends this. Purchases will be disabled and if you get a renewal notice you should disregard it.

  • Add an HTML5 audio player to ALL audio file attachments in commenting areas through the entire Invision Community suite!
  • Set a new default notification sound for your community!
  • Allow members to customize their notification sound!
  • Administrators can limit this ability to specific member groups.
  • Choosing only the guest user group will force everyone on to your new default customization sound.
  • Allow members' custom notification sounds to be playable on member profile pages.
  • Disable the public display for your more naughty members and their naughty notification sounds...


HTML5 Audio Player File Attachments

NEW! 7.1.0 Adds tag reading for MP3 and FLAC files.


Tag content appended beneath the audio player. Also swaps out the paperclip for the music note icon on audio attachments. See the support topic for what's coming down the line...


In any and all commenting areas of your community, where your users have the ability to add attachments, with Sound Board, audio file attachments such as MP3's can now be DIRECTLY PLAYABLE from within the posts themselves!


These players are applied via JavaScript and are NOT inserted into the post content directly. It's a soft-touch approach that ensures none of your content becomes corrupted down the line. These players are removed from content prior to any quote/multi-quote events, and usually re-applied after all content is reset (merge events when a user posts consecutive posts within the auto-merge limit will end up with untemplated attachment links in the merged post and so the player will not apply in that instance - once a user refreshes the page, all the players will be visible again).

These are the browser-based HTML5 players and as such will appear differently depending upon what browser you use. Firefox for example has a predominantly black player.


The download controls on the players' themselves are disabled so that the attachment download function remains the primary way the user will retrieve the file ensuring permissions and download counts are accurate. Do note though that enterprising users could just examine the page code to see the link to the audio file and grab it that way. If dl control is vital to you for audio files, this is not the option for you.

This is a first pass on all this, but it has been running flawlessly for some time on private sites, and is more than excellent enough for public consumption. Down the line I think I'll try letting you custom format the player for your community and, yes, it's just this side of possible to maybe pull the audio file metadata on the fly and you can probably see some of the possibilities here. 

One very minor note. Some browsers (looking at you Firefox...) may be insanely picky regarding the actual file integrity of your uploaded MP3, etc. files. The same audio file attachment may play with the HTML5 audio player just fine in Chrome, but maybe not in Firefox. This has nothing to do with this mod, but whether or not your browser thinks the audio file is "right" enough in some way. That is out of my hands and if you encounter this I would maybe toss the file at any of the various on or off-line file validators which will examine them for any glitches.  

HTML5 Audio Player File Attachments Formats:
MP3, WAV, OGG, FLAC. Upper or lower case extensions; doesn't matter.



Custom Notification Sounds

The playing of the notification sound flows as follows:
1) If a member has a custom sound, and has group permissions to have a custom sound, that sound will play for them when they get a notification.
2) If not (member has no custom sound specified and/or no group permissions), and you have set a new default notification sound in the Sound Board ACP settings, that will play instead.
3) Otherwise, it will fall back to the usual IPS default notification sound.

Members with group permissions to have a custom notification sound have a menu option right in the usermenu drop down. Drag and drop MP3, WAV, OGG files and that's all that's needed.

If you choose, you can toggle on the public display of a member's notification sound on the member's profile page. An HTML5 audio player holds the sound giving any visitor to the page the ability to hear it. This is a simple social feature, nothing more; a conversation starter or something along those lines. Naturally nothing will display unless the member is in a group that has permissions to have these custom sounds, and they actually have set one.

Does a member have a notification sound that is not quite up to your community standards but you still want people to have their notification sound on their profile pages? Go to the problem member's entry in the ACP and toggle this feature off for this member. They still get to use their custom notification sound, but your community won't be exposed to it.

Notification Audio Formats/Limits:
MP3, WAV, OGG. I have a 5 meg limit on file size as well - no real reason other than it seems reasonable. Can be removed if needed.

Install app, find it under the new All Astronauts app tab in the ACP, configure settings, enjoy! You do need to enable the file attachment audio player functionality in settings before it will take affect.

This only changes the notification sounds that are sent out. It does nothing with the where/why/how of how notifications are generated. CIC users may need to be patient post install and after members add a custom notification sound as the CIC system takes a few minutes to duplicate/cache/CDN the sound file. Please. please. please be patient. CIC is notorious for cache delays affecting ACP settings changes and the like. 

Hey it says "Choosing only the guest user group will force everyone on to your new default customization sound." How does that work even?
Guests are not members and do not receive notifications. If you select that group, and only that group, and also have a new default sound set, all of your members, admins, etc. will pull the new default you set without the ability to set their own personal defaults. 

So that means I do that and I have a new community wide default notification sound that everyone is forced to use?

$20 to get, $8/6 months for renews to keep up with the additions. There are some more new features in-bound once I clear the 4.5 upgrade backlog plus outside work. Social wall of all the notification sounds is on the dev list, and naturally more work on the audio player stuff. 

Support available for the time being in the IPS Marketplace topic. PMs are ok but the topic is far better. Keep in mind most devs here have other lives - we often will read a PM but we may not actually reply for quite some time - please be patient. You are allowed to use this, after purchasing a license and downloading this from the IPS Marketplace, on one live site and any test/dev sites you have. Additional live sites require additional license purchases. Renewals (per purchase) entitle you to updated versions and ongoing support. Skip a renew if you don't need a new version or support. Support is limited to the default IPS theme and is for IPS license holders current on the application/plugin renewals (with a generous grace period). I'll give a hand, time permitting, to help you figure out what is wrong with your custom theme if there is a conflict but fixes in those cases will need to be made by your theme provider. All rights reserved.


Edited by All Astronauts

What's New in Version 7.1.0   See changelog


  • Audio file attachments with tags will have the tags read and title, artist, album, and year appended beneath audio player. MP3 and FLAC supported.

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25 purchases and 63 downloads – and only one review so far! What's going on?

This is a great little plug-in that allows your members to further personalise their forum experience. Also, if you happen to have tabs open with different Invision forums then you can tell which alert you are getting simply by the sound that you have configured for each one.

I suppose you could even record your own sound file to call out the name of the forum which is alerting you.

If you are a member of other forums, you could even try and prompt the admins of those forums to install this plug-in so that you can personalise your sound for each forum you visit.

Brilliant. A little bit on the pricey side but other than that, What's not to like?

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great add on to make your community feel more custom when you can match the notification sound with the boards central purpose

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