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Chat Plugin by Chatwee 1.0.4

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About This File

Chatwee is an advanced chat plugin for real time communication among members of online communities.

It offers private, group, and public chats, including file uploads, clickable links, images, animated gifs, and a rich set of emoji. Users have several log in methods available, and chat owners can customize the plugin to a large extent.

Chatwee chat is an excellent plugin for any IPB forum. It promotes interaction and engagement among visitors, as well as between visitors and site owners. Chatwee will help you build and grow a community of active users by providing a platform for real time, rich communication.

Chatwee features include:

Extensive customization options
Multiple chat rooms
Messenger-style group conversations
Private chatting
Offline messaging
Rich media messages
Multiple log in methods
Cross-tab synchronization
Powerful moderation options

Click for a full features list

Visit the official site for more information and to see Chatwee live

What's New in Version 1.0.4   See changelog


- IPS 4.3.2 compatibility

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· Edited by iDeath

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In its current state, the UI is simply too bulky and any attempts to minimize it crams everything together making it almost impossible to use. The current template feels very generic and the fact that there's no home for the chat other than last saved state also makes it feel generic.

Most of this is my own personal opinion and short-sighted experience with the software. My review is mostly impacted by the price of this software. The "Free" version only includes a 5 player concurrent access and 1 chat room with no moderators. Why even have this? for $20.00 you get 50 users which is pretty good until you realize you can only make 3 chat rooms? And a max of 5 moderators? It's nice knowing the data is stored on your cloud servers but our systems process it. So you're adding a paywall to unlock content that should already be included.

Would also like to note that in order for this software to integrate into ISP you have to pay $29.00 a month otherwise members will be forced to use chatwee accounts.

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   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

My Experience with Three Chat Providers

ArrowChat:  Honestly, I was VERY happy with ArrowChat and all the features and integration that it offered.  As it grew in popularity, it became too much strain on my VPS, so I enrolled in their push service.  That went fine for awhile, until I changed my site from HTTP to HTTPS, and ArrowChat works as HTTP by default.  Changing the push service to HTTPS then counted ever message as TWO messages.  Ridiculous, since every competitor I’ve come across is, by default, HTTPS.  Soon, I was up to $100 per month for the push service on my free site.  Even with the push service, ArrowChat was still very resource intensive.  I found the ChatWee plugin here and decided to test it.

ChatWee: At $29 per month for their integration, which includes the push service since they are completely software as a service, it was attractive.  I ran ArrowChat and ChatWee side-by-side and sought member opinions.  As expected, opinions were mixed.  I felt the plugin had many shortcomings but that they could easily be overcome if the author was willing to put a little work into the plugin.  You can run ChatWee free and without integration, but then it is just a chat system that really has nothing to do with your site and everyone can be whoever they wish to be.  But, even with the integration, it is too featureless.  You can not control which member groups have access to the chat.  Given the way that Invision handles Banned members, all members that can log on to the site can chat.  So members that have no access to the site, and even unvalidated guest-to-member members could chat.

I sent a long message to the owner and detailed out how the plugin could be enhanced for out community, making it a more viable option: Access control, Profile viewing, Static Rooms, and other ideas.  I asked for thoughts from him and if he thought it would be possible.  Did he have someone that could re-write the plugin to make some value-added changes?  Absolutely no response.  Followed up.  No response.  Because of this, I began looking at Babble and was running it as a trial.

About a week ago, ChatWee made changes to their core program and look.  There was no notice to subscribers that the changes were coming or when.  All of a sudden I began getting a large number of support tickets.  All members were getting was a Chatwee API error rather than my site!  It eventually even affected my Admin account AND the ACP.  Disabling the Plugin, all returned to normal.  Re-enabling it, crashes.  After hours of work trying to understand what was happening, I disabled it and uninstalled it completely.  The NEXT DAY, I received a ChatWee email telling me all about their latest upgrades and changes hoping I was enjoying them!  Clearly they had no idea what their changes did to the integrations.

Babble:  What can I say other than AMAZING!  I seriously don’t know how I missed it or didn’t look further into it.  I think that I thought it was more of a Shoutbox than a Chat to begin with, so I passed by it.  Besides the app itself, I’ve never met an author that has been so willing to help and so easy to deal with.  Michael is pretty amazing, and what he has planned for the next release looks incredible!  Along with all that, the service blends perfectly into the site.  It feels a part of it, like it truly belongs.  Members are getting used to it.  The navigation is not as smooth as the prior two regarding rooms, but I believe the next release takes that in to account.  At the verge of literally removing chat from my site, Babble saved me.  It’s affordable, it works, it has excellent and responsive support.

This is all MY opinion and experience.  I have no doubt that others have had other experiences.  If you want chat, you want it integrated well, and you don’t want to drain your finances, then you need Babble!

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   8 of 10 members found this review helpful 8 / 10 members

$29 per month to integrate? Not worth the price

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· Edited by AlexWebsites

   4 of 5 members found this review helpful 4 / 5 members

Works good, tested with Chatwee 1 and 2. Chatwee 1 is less expensive and closer to what IPS chat was with only one chat room. I'm using the embed feature within page but also tested the tabbed version which is a cool link at the bottom of the screen with user count and quick access. With the embed code for version 1, would like to see the compact mode on larger screens so that the user list is on the side rather than on top. Also with the plugin would like to see chat users in the menu item like the IPS version was, would involve more plugin work. Otherwise very good. Also missing usergroup permissions for the plugin itself. You can shut it off to guests within the Chatwee dashboard but no way to shut it off per usergroup in IPS.

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Vegan Gaymer

   3 of 4 members found this review helpful 3 / 4 members

After a couple of years of enduring the useless, overpriced, and poor functionality of CometChat, and their declining care for their customers, ChatWee came along just in time. Although it does have some serious design flaws in my opinion (such as iDeath mentioned in his Review), and there are some wonky behaviors I hope get addressed, but the chat works beautifully and my community LOVES it. Now our instant messenger/chat system from ChatWee is being used constantly since the day of installation as opposed to the previous CometChat installation that sat unused and pointless for years. Keep improving on ChatWee and I would give it 5 Stars. For now, I can give 4.

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   1 of 5 members found this review helpful 1 / 5 members

Nice but the only bad thing there is the abo licencing.

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