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Project Manager 2.6.0

$35 · Renewal Term: $20/6 months

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Project Manager is an advanced suite of management tools that empower Admins and Project Managers to spearhead, plan, execute, oversee, and attain their community project.  Achieve specific goals, meet success criterias, and reach your target conclusion by using Project Manager to organize your workflow from beginning to end.  

  • Manage multiple aspects of the projectOrganization - Are you excited to start multiple community projects to grow your membership, raise more money, foster more activity, take your community to the next level and you need a better way to manage it all? 
  • Accountability - Do you need to assign tasks to Moderators, Staff Members, and other stakeholders to hold them accountable to your community's organizational success?
  • Feedback - Do you need a brainstorming tool for feedback and suggestions for your community's future planning?  
  • Execution - Are you launching a major initiative and understand that preparation, planning, and task management are key?
  • Development - Are you a software coder, theme designer, or digital creator who wants an all-in-one digital production tool?

Bring the power of organization and planning to your community with Project Manager by Fosters!  At the heart of Project Manager is a growing suite of powerful management tools, all of which can be customized to your project wishes:

  • Project Categories - Whether you want to focus on one project or many projects, you can group your growing list of ideas and projects into many project categories!
  • Item Types - Define your own custom issues, steps, objectives, tasks, or other measurement metric, where you control the lifecycle from beginning to end.  Build unique sets of item types for each project's unique needs!  
  • Assignment - Assign issues to members in your project team and hold them accountable.  Project members can filter and view their own tasks, and can even view only their "open tasks" for immediate work!   
  • Prioritization - Build your own custom set of priorities using color-coded badges so you can visually sort and prioritize important items.
  • Issues Tracker -  The core of your project, project members use the built-in Tracker to add new tasks, track pending tasks, close resolved tasks, and ultimately manage everything from beginning to end -- smarter and faster!  Customize your tracker anyway you want and turn it into your issues tracker, bug tracker, brainstorm tracker, or task manager!  

Take off with Project Manager!Project Manager is designed from the ground-up to be highly customizable for any use case.  It can be custom-fitted to any project where you need to plan and execute based on your own project requirements.  With built-in features like user assignment, priorities, and custom filters, it's now easier than ever to let your Invision Community power your next community project!  

All these features are available right now in Project Manager with more to come.  Start building the community project of your dreams by taking one step at a time with Project Manager!  


Here are real-life scenarios where Project Manager can benefit your community:

  • Hobbyist Admins who want a way to let their members propose suggestions, new ideas, and feedback to plan for their community's future.  Use the Tracker as a recommendations box.
  • Community Managers who want to organize local meetups, membership drives, and fundraising campaigns and need a method to plan everything.  Use the prioritization and issues tracker.  
  • Enterprise Admins who want to launch and organize large community projects with various stakeholders like moderators, staff members, and other admins.  Use the assignment and task management features.  
  • Software Developers who require an advanced bug and suggestion tracker and need a software release tool.  Build a custom tracker for each release statuses to effectively manage like a pro.  


Here is a highlight of major features of Project Managers:

  • Create new Project Categories with custom permission sets to view
  • Create new Project with its own customized settings and permissions
  • Can copy / delete reorder move Projects
  • Create new Item Types with custom color badges
  • Define multiple Statuses within each Item Type from open to closed
  • Create new Priorities with custom color badges
  • Enable RSS feed
  • Enable auto-publication to IP.Pages database or IP.Board forum
  • Control and monitor Issue details such as status and implementation 
  • Assign Issues to Users
  • Filter and Sort Issues on the Tracker
  • Follow and send Notifications on Issues
  • New link in the Menu Manager

Demo Project - The application includes a demo project for a simple bug-and-suggestion Tracker.  It shows admins how to create a sample project category, project, and item types with demo statuses like Open, Fixed, Accepted, and No Thx.  This enables admins to get a quick overview of a project and to jump into their own project.  If you do not want to install the demo data, remove the demodata.php file from the package before installation.


Developer Mode - Project Manager includes powerful, developer-specific tools to help manage and control your digital releases with special consideration for IPS Marketplace developers.  You can enable Developer mode to control versioning, IPS Marketplace integration, and VCS connection to BitBucket.  If you do not want Developer mode, disable the features.  

REST API - The application includes built-in REST API to manage projects, items, and versions.


Project Manager is a large and growing application that is constantly under development, and we'd love to have your support along the way.  We use the application ourselves to publish our software to the IPS Marketplace, so you know there's a lot of spare hours, tender care, and heart poured into this application.  We're constantly adding new features, stomping out bugs, fine-tuning the code, with large plans for this app's future.  If your community could use an organizational management tool, we would genuinely appreciate your purchase of Project Manager!  Even better, we would absolutely love to hear how Project Manager helped organize your latest community project and turned you into a Project Master - give us a 5-star review below with your success story!

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What's New in Version 2.4.3   See changelog



  •  Fixed broken page title (missing project name) when viewing the item.
  •  Improved project overview page

User Feedback

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   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

I have tested the bug tracker with my beta testers. We do not like it and will use another solution.

The main point is that the list of bugs and the bug view page look messy. In the list of bugs you see the type, the status and the assigned person as tags before the bug title. It is confusing to see so many tags at once and is difficult to get an overview. I would rather use table columns for such information. The bug view page does not follow the view of a topic or an article. The buttons for promotion and follow are on the "wrong" place. The widget on the sidebar contains another buttons, that I would expect below the bug desciption. 

It is probably just a matter of taste, but I do like applications where list and item views are very close to the IPS standard. 

Response from the author:

Thanks for the feedback.
I agree,the design became chaotic with the time since we've implemented way too many suggestions in the last months, that's also why we're working on the next major version which will include a completely overhauled design.

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   7 of 10 members found this review helpful 7 / 10 members

Very useful application - this allows me to organise my site, along with getting team members more involved in the dynamics of mission control.

Task Management

Simple, but effective. This will allow you to form various projects and assign people to manage or carry out the said task. Allowing for your site to focus on producing rich content in-house, rather than having to use e-mails, Facebook groups or DM's via Twitter.

No matter what the task/project, this will enable you to run it smoothly.

Bug Tracking

Very good bug tracking system with inbuilt IPS support, along with just the common features you would require to track problems.


Effective way of making use of suggestions, so you can implement the best ideas. Very straight forward but it saves tones of time and if you are used to seeing people suggest ideas, this just keeps every nice tidy.


Overall it's very early days, but the application is fantastic. It's well supported and for the price, I'd consider it a bargain!

@Foster seems very focused on further improving the system, so be sure to get involved and if you are in need of any of the above - the application is for you. I would highly recommend it already.

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   9 of 15 members found this review helpful 9 / 15 members

Well, I had high hopes for this but it really doesn't work too well in it's current state. There's simply not enough options and it's just clunky overall.

Some major complaints include:

  • Can't hide the "Projects" menu from user groups no matter what you do.
  • Only one person can be the Admin which is called the "bot". This is a serious oversight imo.
  • Only the single "bot" can assign members to an issue making this very pointless for teams.
  • Not enough colors for the issue tags.
  • Design is very basic.
  • Info panel has misaligned text too close to the border.
  • The "bot" is automatically named "Project Manager" instead of the actual user name.
  • Doesn't support GitHub.
  • Several other bugs/annoyances.

I sure hope version 2.2 addresses these issues and then some. For $40 I expect this to be a much higher quality product and I'm not happy at all with it in it's current form. I'm better off sticking to the free GitHub issues and project management over this which is a real shame.

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