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Pages SuperGrid 3.1


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About This File

Pages SuperGrid is a set of Pages templates and a complete solution to make your Pages databases (with articles, directories and so on) appealing and engaging. 

SuperGrid is one of the most popular files in the Applications & Plugins category on the IPS Marketplace and used on hundreds of websites. 

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What’s needed: 

  • IPS 4.3 or 4.4 in their most recent version with the Pages application  
  • A pages databases that uses the stock Record Image field and has images with a sufficient resolution uploaded through that field. 
    (Technically, the templates also work without images, but it’s an image-centered design and works best when most or all records have images.)

Which templates are included:

  • A beautiful grid-based Front Page template with two records featured at the top — for when your database is set to article mode.
  • A beautiful grid-based Listing template replacing the dull forum listing design — for when you open a category or have a database without categories.
  • A unique Record View template with a large header image — for when you open a specific record.
  • A category listing template – in case you use more than one category. 
  • Note: You can use the templates for any number of databases, but the settings will always apply to all SuperGrid templates. 

Bonus Feature: 

Block template! Create blocks anywhere on your site – pointing to your database – and make them as beautiful as the database itself. 

Detailed Feature Description and Notes:

  • Pages SuperGrid is built with the IPS design framework and is therefore fully responsive and compatible to most well-coded/well-designed themes. The styling of your theme(s) is inherited and the Pages SuperGrid templates will usually work out of the box. 
  • The template is designed to work on single-column pages with or without a sidebar. The grid will automatically adopt to the available width and collapse on smaller devices. 
  • The content field is not shown in the grid-based listing templates and all images will be scaled and cropped (without distortion) to the same size to allow a consistent look. 
  • The templates come with lots of options you can easily adjust within the template. 
    • Front Page/Listing Template: 
      • Show reaction images or reaction count
      • Show author/category/date: Yes/No
      • Alignment author/category/date
      • Show comments/views/ratings/likes: Yes/No
      • Alignment comments/views/ratings/likes
      • Show record owner’s avatar: Yes/no
      • Alignment record owner’s avatar
      • Title alignment
      • Image Aspect Ratio
      • Use thumbnail or full-size images
      • Turn images into record link: Yes/No
      • Assign fallback image for records without an image
      • Show “featured record” badge for featured records: Yes/No
      • Pick badge style for featured records 
      • Show “pinned record” badge for pinned records: Yes/No
      • Pick badge style for pinned records 
      • support for category images using the Pages Category Images plugin
    • Record View Template:
      • Image Aspect Ratio
      • Pick Avatar size from 7 options
      • Turn header image on or off
      • Show “featured record” badge for featured records: Yes/No
      • Pick badge style for featured records 
      • Show “pinned record” badge for pinned records: Yes/No
      • Pick badge style for pinned records 
    • Block Template:
      • Show or hide block title
      • Shuffle entries
      • Randomize shuffled entries

What's New in Version 3.1   See changelog


Compatibility update for Invision Community 4.4. Don’t install SuperGrid 3.1 on older versions than IPS 4.4. 
Follow the upgrade instruction in the PDF. You will have to completely remove all SuperGrid templates one by one and reinstall the new template file afterwards as well as the settings plugin. 

Improvements in this version based on client requests:

  • Reactions can now be shown as image on frontpage and listing view (not in the block currently)
  • moderation checkboxes now available in listing view
  • Add record button now also on mobile frontpage
  • moved the follow/promote button on record view, so it doesn’t squish the headline

User Feedback

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   8 of 8 members found this review helpful 8 / 8 members

Amazing I love it!! This allows me to make amazing new pages for my website can't believe the value of this product great job. Marty the Marmot  2013    Professional Mascot of the Year   MascotInsider.png

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

Great idea!

Great looks!

Always super fast and professional support!

Lot of customizations

Great value.

Super Quality work

Great plugin!

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

I wish there were more products like this... 

Templates look awesome. Articles invite users to be read when you use this. It's easy to create a compelling and user-engaging database of articles using these. Easy to install and set up. Also a great price for something of such a high quality. Please keep creating more.

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

This is a wonderful app! I also use Taman's, and combined, it creates such a unique and amazing way to display information.

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Ibragim Pupkevich

   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Great template! Exactly what I was looking for to arrange home page articles view.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Supergrid is an essential add-on to my site. Its features are very impressive and unlimited, the new options in version 3.0 are great, the new "shuffle" block setting lets you show content in a random order, that's fantastic. Installation and setup of the plugin is very easy. Supergrid just gives your site's articles an unique and beautiful look. Support is absolutely great and the price very affordable. If you use the IPB pages app this plugin is definitely a must-have. I rate it with six stars ✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️✴️

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   6 of 7 members found this review helpful 6 / 7 members

Very well done!
Follow the install instructions and everything will work perfectly.

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   3 of 4 members found this review helpful 3 / 4 members

Whether or not I end up using/keeping this particular layout I could not buy it fast enough. Quality work. 

The configuration options are a great approach. So nice, so easy. 

I would cheerfully purchase additional templates from opentype whether article-focused or for other common database uses (directories, inventories, etc.).

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   2 of 3 members found this review helpful 2 / 3 members

Wow, this is a must have for anyone with Pages app. Great work!

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   3 of 8 members found this review helpful 3 / 8 members

a way more better templates than Taman’s. Very good work !

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   1 of 4 members found this review helpful 1 / 4 members

Amazing app !! 


is it possible that the image is active as a link?

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   0 of 2 members found this review helpful 0 / 2 members

Je cherchais une façon élégante de présenter notre actualité. Merci pour ce travail. 


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Amazing app that will change your community for the better depending on your use for this. For us we wanted something to make articles look more like WordPress which does so perfectly. The design is great and very easy to install and go.

In the future I'd like to see even more layout options. A must have for any community admin who writes editorials.

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This program is worth its weight in gold! I would like to start off by stating, the templates are amazing, they ad elegance and style to the pages section (a section I almost gave up on, that was until now).  The author is attentive and responsive, The whole thing all around is just amazing, if you haven't purchased it yet, you are missing out on a little gold nugget here. As of writing this, it is even lower in price than before; what more can be said.

Recommendation: Would suggest when selling to the public that there is no demands on how we 'use' your product 'we' purchased.

All in All: 4/5 stars! Great product! Mr. Opentype, you have earned this consumer's medal of gold standard, you are both professional and polite with your work, even the small stuff. I appreciate you taking the time to show me step by step, and actually coming over to help me when I need it. Again as a consumer, we are in large, not programmers, so it is nice to be walked through the process! Your work is GREAT! The reason for 4 out of 5 is the statements when purchasing the product, but this is more a personal preference of mine over anything else to be honest. When marketing it is okay to request values to be held, but to dictate these ideas is a put off, with that said - to be honest the product is phenomenal. This product is worth every penny.

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Great app. Easy to configure. This app makes my article page view like a modern, trendy futuristic Wordpress blog. This coder seems to code a lot of very useful apps. I think I'll be buying 90% of his apps later on. Plus updates are free. "Buy once use forever" A*****. Thanks 😀

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· Edited by mightypilot


Well first I bought SuperDocs and it looked good for what I was trying to set up on my new IPS site. But then I thought SuperGrid might do the job even better so I downloaded it.

For the past week I was having a heck of a time trying to make it work. Finally out of desperation I decided to start over and download a fresh copy SuperGrid and saw there was an update for IPS 4.33. That made all the difference. Quickly had SuperGrid displaying my articles the way I envisioned it from the start for my car club.

I have a question. What triggers the shuffle of the records displayed by SuperGrid? A browser reload? The shuffle doesn't seem to be working for me. I'm using SuperGrid in an block template listing. Is there something else I need to do to get the records to be shuffled? I'd like to see the shuffle option in the articles listing as well.

I'll be glad to change the star rating from 4 to 5 if I can get the shuffle issue solved. Otherwise nice download!

Screenshot-2018-5-25 Articles - SOCALAMX SANDBOX TEST AREA.png

Response from the author:



The shuffle doesn't seem to be working for me. 

Please post support questions in the support topic. It’s impossible to discuss problems in the review system. 

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These templates are amazing. As well as the rest that I have seen from @opentype A few more templating systems like these for the rest of the IPB products and we can finally have a fully standardized site.

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It's a fast tool to make IPS Pages much more beautiful! Thanks!!!

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· Edited by Jaymez


This really takes Pages to a new level without any work from us. Thanks for making these. These templates have been a huge help and make a lot of sense. 

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