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Magnum Theme 4.3.5

$50.00 · Renewal Term: $40.00/12 months

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Key Features

Swiper Slider:
Create and show Image sliders on header of your theme or a custom location in theme globalTemplate. Created with swiperjs.com 
sliders can be specified to show on certain application pages or to show for specific user groups including many other options, see screenshots above demo page.

Google Fonts:
Easy change any element font to any font from Google Fonts. e.g. navigation font, widgets title font....etc).

Sticky Social Profiles bar:
Awesome sticky social profiles bar including ability to add "Contact-us" button and members, see demo site or screenshots above.

Background Image Picker:
Allow users to switch your theme body background image between multiple images. a new customizable icon will be added in user bar to select body image. see screenshots above or demo page.

News Ticker:
Smooth auto scrollable text elements with many options.
This is a free version of News Ticker plugin. see screenshots above or demo page.

Footer Blocks:
Create custom Editor blocks and show in footer area of your theme, comes with many options including ability to show your "Pages application" blocks in footer area.

Dark Mode:
Allow users to switch your theme to dark or light color schemes. simple demo import that will make the default ips theme completely dark in colors and a new icon will be added in user bar to switch darkmode on/off. see screenshots or demo page.

New ckEditor toolbar:
New Editor toolbar look with FontAwesome icons and navigation colors. see Demo page.

Import/Export theme colors:
Make a copy of your theme color customizations, and then import it into any IPS theme, anytime, anywhere. Also useful to create a dark mode color scheme for your theme. 



This theme has no template modification's!

For this theme to work, you are required to install ipsKit Addons app.
"with ipsKit Addons app you never need to worry about me updating this theme to support latest ips versions! because.. just like the default IPS theme this theme is also automatically updated during site updates" 👍


Edited by TAMAN
Price/theme info

What's New in Version 4.3.5   See changelog


  • In this new version, all modified theme templates are reverted back to default, so that this theme will always be updated automatically during site update. but you are required to install ipsKit Addons app which makes the theme work.
  • New Swiper slider.
  • New news ticker.
  • New Footer Blocks.
  • New Dark Mode.
  • New import/export theme colors 
  • New sticky social profiles 
  • New Google Fonts
  • New Background Image Picker



After updating the theme, you must revert globalTemplate and navBar template back to default.
go to ACP > Customizations > Themes > Edit Magnum theme and revert the mentioned templates.

You an also simply install re-install this theme and then use the new import/export theme colors feature to export your old theme colors into the new one.


User Feedback

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An amazing theme. Very highly customizable, it even replace some design focused add-ons here. I hope he keep further developing it on the long term so it becomes the definitive IPB 4 theme. It has the potencial to achieve this, and more!

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I wanted something other than dark and gloomy for once.


Oh my days, this theme is excellent, its bright, its functional on so many levels and just taman himself, the support he gives on a personal level is just wow.

highly recommended theme, highly recommended developer.

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Nice theme, I really like it. Of course, very good service, and..:sweat::sweat:...I will ask for more customization, I think this is the way to convert the theme more more powerful..

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I love this theme. It's packed with plenty of customization settings and options that are very user-friendly. You don't have to be an advanced user to create a great custom site. It is very well done and the support is top notch. Highly recommended!

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I bought this skin
And have absolutely no regrets
This skin looks beautiful

And the service is absolutely top
TAMAN thanks for this beautiful skin
and wonder what else wakes up in the future

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· Edited by marlin


Had to change from a theme not supported anymore and skin it to my taste. Magnum was the best choice I though and will take less time to alter than other themes. I was right!

Many options, good css. Had one small issue, nothing big, and the author did understand is fast and corrected it. Great so far. Hopefully it will be working for 4.4. in the future!

(Would like to see the sliders individually having option of "Where to show" and "Exclude on". As of now this setting is the same for all sliders. But I can live without it ...)


Response from the author:


Thanks for the positive review.




Hopefully it will be working for 4.4. in the future!

Its already updated and works on ips 4.4 🙂 



(Would like to see the sliders individually having option of "Where to show" and "Exclude on". As of now this setting is the same for all sliders. But I can live without it ...)


All the sliders have its own "Where to show" setting. only not the exclude setting, this setting must be global 🙂 

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I don't write usually reviews, but I want to let everyone know that it's the best Theme you can get. Even the support is perfect. Thank you T!AMAN

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There aren't many themes on the IPS marketplace that allows as much customization for people like myself who are not proficient in web design coding. The Magnum theme is one of the very few themes on the market that allows you to customize your site the way you want with very as little as no web design coding knowledge at all. Right out the box, the theme comes with various settings that are self-explanatory that it makes it easy to recolor & reformat your IPB site the way you want.


Along with the other add-ons from Taman, configuring the Magnum theme to fit your style is very easy. Customer service from Taman is top notch as he'll help you with any issues regarding his products (I've had a few run-ins where I needed his assistance and I've yet to be let down by his performance). I highly recommend any of his products but overall, I highly recommend the Magnum Theme to anyone who wants a theme for their site that they can configure to their liking while getting constant updates and support from Taman.


This is what my site looks like now after configuring the theme to my liking:

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The greatest IPS community suite theme I ever used and the most excellent developer support I have ever experienced at this moment. Good job @TAMAN

Maybe Pages Supergrid is slightly better? @TAMAN you can check this and develop in Magnum Theme :)


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