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TDB Posts 1.0.8

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Powerful and versatile 'Topic Feed Block' with loads of options to display Topics/Posts the way you want.

I was looking for a block that would fit my needs regarding displaying new posts and I found the default Topics and Posts block lacking.

This hook is based around (but not exactly like) Headstands ‘Recent Posts’ Sidebar block for v3.14.

I developed this for my own community. So, in the spirit of open source, I decided to release this hook/widget to spare other's looking for something similar and be charged a small fortune at the same time.


This hook is for displaying a block of the latest (last) posts posted on your forum. Very much like the IPB community Topic block, but instead of showing the topic originator, the last poster information is shown instead.

This block comes with the following abilities:

  1. Custom block Title: I hate having to go into the language files just to edit a title. Probably won’t help with translations, but that could be changed later.
  2. Selectable forums: Select which forum’s you wish to display posts from. Your members will only see the posts that they have permission to view.
  3. Number of Posts: Select how many posts you wish to display to your members.
  4. Member Avatar: Select whether to display member avatar or not.
  5. Topic Post Count: Select whether to display a post topic count next to the title.
  6. Post Comment: You can display a post teaser in the same way as the IPB Post widget and control how many lines of the post comment you wish to display.
  7. And loads more options (Please read the release notice for more information).

If you have any questions, issues or bugs. Feel free to leave a message on the IPB community board.


What's New in Version 1.0.4   See changelog


This is pretty much a major release of this plug-in to fix a lot of issues in the previous release and a lot more additions to make this plug-in a lot more powerful and versatile.

Tons of new options to display Posts, please read below to get a better idea what has been changed.

Update v1.0.4
1. Change: Re-wrote most of the widget coding. Being new to IPS I used wrong functions that dealt with the plugin settings.
2. Change: Removed admin settings, all the plug-in settings are not done via the front end for easier management.
3. Fix: There was a missing file that prevented the plug-in from working correctly.
4. Fix: There was a caching issue that slowed the forum down with large databases. The plug-in now caches correctly.
5. Added: Honour Permissions: IPS forum hides posts that members do not have permission to see, toggling this will allow your members to see these posts. Same behaviour as the Default Topic Feed options.
6. Added:  Group filtering, posts can be displayed from selected groups.
7. Added: Status, Pinned, Featured, Visibility and Approval options. Plug-in can now filter Topics/Posts via these different options.
8. Added: Authors: Topics/Posts can be filtered by multiple Authors.
9. Added: Minimum Posts, Topics can be filtered to show by the amount of replies.
10. Added: Filter Topics by a set amount of days or from the beginning.
11. Added: Sort by pull down menu. You can now sort by Default, Recently Updated, Title, Most Commented, Start Date and Most Viewed.
12. Added: By Default, IPS Topic Feed only displays the first Topic information regardless of how many replies the Topic has. With this option, you can elect to use the last posters information and comment.
13. Added: Display Hidden Files Only. You can now filter the block feed to only display Hidden files. Excellent for your moderation team.
14. Added: Post Dates, enable to disable the post date from being displaying in the block.
15. Added: Topic Forum, enable or disable the Topic Forum from being displayed.
16. Added: Mini Pagination, enable or disable Pagination from being displaced with the block.
17. Added: Best Answers, enable or disable the ability to display Questions that have been answered or requiring an answer on your forum.
18. Added: Polls, you can now filter the block to only display Topics that have Polls on your forum.
19. Added: Preview Post on hover. When hovering over the topic link in the block a preview will be displayed of the first and last post.
20. Bugs Fixes. Loads of little bug fixes and changes.

User Feedback

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This would be a very cool plugin, but I have the same problem as Jurgis... It's not showing up in the block manager.

Thanks for the free plugin, hopefully the bug can be fixed. :)

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Felix Thant

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Works as described, lots of customisation, thanks.

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Thanks for this widget. It works like a charm in most cases. However, since the last update some of my members saw strange issues:

  • Browsing the forum on an Android tablet makes the widget appear twice on the bottom. This is fixed after the next reload.
  • Threads a user has already visited appear as unread in the widget list. This could be a caching issue I suppose.
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Widget is not showing up in block manager.. Please fix this.

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There was an issue when I updated this plugin. Hopefully I will have a fix asap for this.

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thank you!!! this was exactly what i have been looking for for ages!!!!!! 

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Unfortunately throws out an error when trying to add to any page?

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Thank you for this update!

Absolutely superb module and much "better" then the default one 😀

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