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(SD) Sales Portal Pro (Classifieds) 3.3.2

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(SD) Sales Portal Pro is the most powerful and best-in-class online classifieds system for Invision Communities for a member-to-member marketplace.  Run a classifieds system where users can list offers to buy and sell to each other, create collections of their favorite items, and auction items. 

  • Do you want to allow users to sell items? 
  • Do you want to allow users to buy items?
  • Do you want to allow users to auction items? 


Used by several top sites with hundreds of active offers, the app contains a powerful set of features to manage and run an online classifieds system:

  • Overview – a comprehensive dashboard in the ACP of all statistics for your online classifieds
  • Auction – allow ‘buy now’ or ‘auction’ options to allow users to negotiate for the best prices
  • Dispute system – create a safe buying experience with a dispute system
  • Commission – run offers through Commerce and earn a website commission
  • Custom Fields – add custom fields like attachments, images, and checkboxes to ensure every offer has consistent and accurate details
  • International – support for multiple currencies
  • FAQ, News, Awards – bonus enhancements such as FAQ, News, and Awards are shipped with the app for admins to create marketplace policies, write news articles on sales specials, and reward top sellers all within the app

With built-in support for unlimited categories, unlimited offers, featured offers, custom fields, comments, reviews, questions, ratings, automatic forum topics, and so much more, create a vibrant marketplace with hundreds of options to create an online classifieds for buyers and sellers!


(SD) Sales Portal Pro contains a comprehensive set of features.  Full list of features:

  • Widget with latest offers
  • Additional fields visible after purchase
  • Additional fields with count views
  • Additional fields required in selected groups
  • Additional fields visible for selected groups
  • Price proposals
  • Customer center
  • Requiring images per category
  • Featured offers on main page
  • Comments after purchase
  • Default image for category
  • Selected groups can avoid paying
  • Ability to edit author's offer by moderator
  • Bypass payment for free package
  • Offer price in topic
  • Tab with shipping prices (if member enter prices)
  • Default currency will be collected from Commerce (Nexus) application
  • Ability to update offers after an update package
  • Awards system
  • Ability to renew offer by admin
  • Ability to selling in different currencies
  • Deleting topic during deleting offer (new option)
  • Ability to choose currency by member
  • Additional filter in category view
  • Shipping methods
  • Changes on main page
  • Offer filtering by price in category view
  • New status: "offer sold"
  • Ability to manually end offer with a choice of winners
  • New notifications
  • New tab with a list of people who bought in the offer
  • New inline and email notifications: sent price proposal, adding question, adding answer to the question
  • Ability to follow category
  • Changes in "contact" with the seller
  • Live search in Admin Control Panel (Categories, Packages, Shipping methods, Offers)
  • Microdata
  • Custom blocks
  • Ability to set the minimum/maximum title length and description length
  • In the absence of category cover taken a picture of the offer
  • Ability to re-display sold or ended offer (as a copy of a current)
  • Statuses on offers list in member's profile
  • Member Filter (in bulk mail, etc.)
  • Additional tags in bulk mail
  • Quick offer title edit (in offer view)
  • Widget with application statistics
  • Quick offer tags edition (in offer view)
  • Application redesign (part 1. offer view)
  • Integration with advertisements
  • Widget with offers comments
  • Integration with (SD) Company Directory
  • Ability to disable integration with (SD) Company Directory
  • Dispute center
  • Separation of the sales system and purchasing system
  • Access Restrictions
  • Free delivery
  • Widget with comments after sales
  • Page with categories list
  • Ability to create category container
  • Ability to enable/disable displaying offers from subcategories in category view
  • Compatibility with Invision Community 4.2
  • Offer image in RSS
  • Category setting: default offer type
  • Ability of ending the "buy" offer with choice of the winner
  • Integration with clubs
  • New profile tab: "Who bought from me?"
  • Sales statistics in offer view
  • Module tools: export offers to csv, export users
  • Multi offers renewal
  • Ability to enable/disable integration with (SD) Company Directory from creating an offer (group setting)
  • Ability to sort in FAQ + multilanguage
  • Ability to join categories with packages
  • Ability to disable Commerce (IP.Nexus) for category
  • Ability to sort in Packages + multilanguage
  • Ability to assign additional fields for all categories automatically
  • Functionality support Content Message
  • Functionality support Recommended Comments
  • Functionality support Social Media Promotion
  • Yandex.ru RSS feed
  • Ability to sorting restrictions (deciding on the order of checking restrictions)
  • Ability to select categories in which the restrictions are apply
  • Ability to choose whether restrictions should apply to the categories: buying, selling, both types
  • New design for the offer adding form
  • Ability to choose how to sort offers in RSS
  • Ability to selection of payment methods
  • Multi management of offers in the customer's panel
  • Ability to choose the default image for offer
  • Integration with Forum application: Ability to turn on redirected to the category selection or adding offer form in a specific category when you click "New Topic"
  • Collections (version beta)
  • Ability to select the visibility of the question (public/hidden) by the author of the question
  • New widget
  • Purchase regulations
  • Wishlist
  • Buyer's billing data in the mail to the seller
  • Reactions for questions
  • Ability to define the minimum "step" for bid
  • Ability to defining the minimum starting price
  • Lazy Loading for images
  • Notifications enhancements
  • Integration with Gallery (ability to attach the user's album to the offer)
  • Multilingual news
  • Variants of offers
  • Resetting limits use the package
  • Rankings
  • Recommended Questions
  • Ability to choose the type of categories display (grid, sidebar or both)
  • Extended JSON-LD
  • New category grid with icons (images or fonts: Font Awesome, Typicons, MFG Labs, LineIcons, Ionicons, Material icons)
  • Ability to disable transfer of buyer data to the seller (only if you use the Commerce application)
  • Group permissions: You can decide which groups can resolve disputes
  • Ability of listing an infinite number of products in one auction
  • Integration with (SD) Game Keys Store
  • Seller can decide if he wants to receive price proposals
  • Reasons for ending the offer
  • Offer localization (Functionality sponsored by @Bendensin)
  • Additional comment field during purchase
  • Additional delivery methods: Omniva.ee and smartpost.ee (Functionality sponsored)
  • Ability of making direct payments using a bank account in IBAN format (Functionality sponsored)


More screens: https://www.ipsbeyond.pl/gallery/album/85-sd-sales-portal-pro/
More information about versions: https://www.ipsbeyond.pl/release-notes/sd-sales-portal-pro/
More info: https://www.ipsbeyond.pl/clubs/2-sd-sales-portal-pro/


DEMO: https://www.ipsbeyond.pl/offers


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What's New in Version 3.3.2   See changelog


  • Compatibility with Invision Community 4.5

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   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

This app is magnificent. The ability to have auctions was a necessity when deciding which of the two "Classifieds" applications our community wanted to go with, and SPP won the lot. The only downside here is there is a lot of Polish to English that has been badly translated, but that's quickly dealt with in the Language files.

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Amazing app for everyone who is looking for improvements of Commerce (Nexus) in their communities with interest to sell, buy and auction stuff with lots of functions
Fast & brilliant support from author who creates constantly WOW apps in this marketplace! 

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

good one but needs update and more features otherwise its amazing! + if u integrate any sms system would be awesome

Response from the author:

Thank you. New version is under development ? If you want something please send me PM and describe what you want.


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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Confirm! Best apps ads! There are both Classics offered in this market

And also, better support and loyalty to the development proposals! Wonderful author! A wonderful app!

The app is worth the money!

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